Sagada Trip: Trekking Aguid Rice Terraces

Eating a cup of agar-agar that I bought on the weekend Saturday market in Sagada, we rode a shuttle that took us to the starting point so we could trek down the Aguid Rice Terraces and see the Bomod-ok falls. Trekking Aguid Rice Terraces to Bomod-ok Falls Sagada, Mountain Province March 5, 2011 view from … Read more

Sagada Trip: Weekend Saturday Market

After the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak, we headed back to our inn so we could freshen up and eat breakfast. But we had to finish up fast as we were going to have another adventure by trekking to Bomod-ok Falls. Tita Myrna and Tito Raul decided to just stay to rest while we rode our … Read more

Sagada Trip: Kiltepan Peak Sunrise

I couldn’t recall what time our guide arrived at our guesthouse in Sagada. We needed to be up early so we could prepare for the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak. Coming from our crazy toploading ride from Banaue to Bontoc and even if one is never too old for a cave connection adventure, I still wanted … Read more

Sagada Trip: Side Trip to Banaue NO Rice Terraces

banaue to bontoc

After killing time in SM Mall of Asia, we proceeded to the Florida Bus Terminal in Sampaloc, Manila, so we could be seated. We were heading to Banaue en route to Sagada. Strategically, we bought our tickets in the morning for the 10:45pm schedule so that we could reserve seats ahead of time. We met … Read more

Sagada Trip: Never Too Old for a Cave Connection Adventure

Meet Tita Myrna and Tito Raul, she’s 52, he’s 53. A social worker in Bulacan and a tennis instructor in Abu Dhabi. They’re two of the most adventurous couples that I met during a trip in Sagada last March. They joined us in surviving the Cave Connection activity in this part of the Mountain Province. … Read more

Sagada Trip: Slipped and Hit My Head on a Rock in Bomod-ok Falls

With the number of crazy things I do during my travels, it’s inevitable that accidents happen. During our Sagada trip, I slipped and hit my head on a rock in Bomod-ok Falls.

Bomod-ok Falls aka the Big Falls
Sagada, Mountain Province
March 5, 2011

travel sagada
stepping slowly
Photo by Doi

It was an hour’s worth of hiking along the rice paddies but it wasn’t that hard as we were trekking down a mountain. The weather was also cold which helped in keeping us from sweating. When I saw the waterfalls, I was happy that we finally reached our destination.

sagada bomodok falls
beautiful Bomod-ok Falls in Sagada, Mountain Province

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Sagada Trip: Crazy Toploading from Banaue to Bontoc

Toploading from Banaue to Bontoc was an adventure itself as we headed our way to Sagada, Mountain Province. Imagine the wind brushing the sides of your face. You see a spectacular view of the mountain and rice fields. You inhale the scent of tall pine trees and see a couple of waterfalls every now and … Read more

Sagada Trip and the Movies

Just came back from a trip to Sagada, Mountain Province and I still have to sort my pictures according to albums but let me post this quick teaser of this recent break. I’m more of a beach person but I also appreciate a different scene once in awhile. Sagada was able to do that for … Read more