Sagada Trip: Kiltepan Peak Sunrise

I couldn’t recall what time our guide arrived at our guesthouse in Sagada. We needed to be up early so we could prepare for the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak. Coming from our crazy toploading ride from Banaue to Bontoc and even if one is never too old for a cave connection adventure, I still wanted to get some sleep due to these tiresome activities.

It was chilly that I wanted to continue wrapping myself with a blanket and get a few more minutes of slumber. But my friends were already up and it would be embarrassing if I were to stay behind.

Sagada Trip: Kiltepan Peak Sunrise
March 5, 2011

jeep to kiltepan peak
hitching a ride on a smaller vehicle

Riding a truck heading to Kiltepan Peak, we halted somewhere along the way as we were stuck in the mud. The vehicle was too big and no matter how hard the driver stepped on the gear, it still wouldn’t budge. Fortunately, a smaller jeep passed by and we joined other passengers on the way to the site.

We still couldn’t see anything though.

mist kiltepan peak

Waiting for the Sun

We arrived around 5:45am, freezing from the climate. A couple of companions brought out the blankets they took from our room which were perfect to cover themselves from the cold. I had my malongwith me which pretty much sufficed.

sagada peak
covered with James, Carla, Doi & Tofi

Unfortunately, just like our side trip to Banaue NO Rice Terraces, the sun was hiding from the fogs and the clouds.

I’ve seen a photo with a view of the Kiltepan Rice Terraces which would’ve been awesome if the weather cleared up. Click here for the sample photo: Kiltepan Rice Terraces

kiltepan terraces
covered in fog

We were forewarned that situations like these happen especially when it’s early in the morning. Nevertheless, we didn’t complain as it was still beautiful how the mass of water particles in air danced with the hills and how the sun’s rays peeked over the horizon.

kiltepan sunrise
a little sun

Took My Shirt Off at Kiltepan Peak

I got a bit bored so I did the unthinkable and took of my shirt off. I figured I might as well do something crazy while I’m out here. I exerted too much effort covering myself that I made a spur-of-the-moment decision and pranced around half-naked to battle the cold.

shirt off in sagada
skinny Jacob Black? NOT!

My friends already understood my attention deficit tendencies so they didn’t really mind as much. I remember that I got a few wondering stares from other tourists who were also there to wait for the sunrise.

kiltepan photos
looking for a good angle

With pine trees as a backdrop, you can’t help but compare the movie with Twilight. Good thing I’m a human callus and somehow, the freezing temperature became bearable.

Still to no success, the air didn’t clear up. It was already daylight and we had to go back to get some rest.

group shot kiltepan
group shot

I know that after the things we did in Sagada, I was going to treat myself on a spa day gift and buy one of those spa gift certificates in group buying sites. At least it would still be cheaper so I can treat myself to some pampering.

At 6:45am, we proceeded to taking a last group photo before we headed back to our guesthouse.

kiltepan peak sagada
still no view

When you have nothing to kill but time, and when you’ve watched too many Jackass shows on MTV, you try your best to make a fool of yourself. So pardon my lack of prudence as I was bored.

Useful Tips:
You can check out for directions to Sagada.
Also, visit the SAGGAS – Sagada Genuine Guides – Kiltepan Peak.

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29 thoughts on “Sagada Trip: Kiltepan Peak Sunrise”

  1. Ed o pa-pampam talaga. =)) Kidding. 
    Mukhang mahirap mahuli ang sunrise sa Kiltepan Peak ah. Wala pa ako masyadong nakikitang bloggers na naaabutan yun eh.

  2. @chyng: adik eh. hahaha. wala naman. naligo kami sa Bomod-ok after 🙂

    @batang lakwatsero: di pwede mag headstand baka disgrasya ang mangyayarai. Had one sa cave connection though. sunset sa inyo? pwede rin! 😀

    @supertikoy: lol, nagugugluhan na ako kung sunrise or sunset. haha. basta may sun! 😀 di naman ako nagkasakit. hehe.

    @robbie: ano pampam rob? hehe. yeah, if the weather clears us up the night before, most likely may sunrise ;D

  3. @renz: haha. walay lingaw lang didto. kapoy sige paabot sa adlaw. hehe

    @AJ: oh no, no frontal shots. I'm shy. haha. lemme change the title instead. I think it grabbed too much attention when it was not my main intention! hehe I feel like I'm exposing myself too much. toinks. 😀

  4. Nooooooo…the original title rocks! 😉 How about this: The Topless Soloflighter? Oooooh…that will send your hits off the charts! 🙂 But hey, I know you're shy and decent so carrybells na din ang shortened title. :p

  5. tapang mo Ed, kasi ako tinitingnan palang mga pics mukhang ang ginaw na… though you didn't saw the sunrise and foggy all over at least you got a nice last shot as if saying "I survive the coldness of Kiltepan Peak!" Perfect caption.

  6. @ian: wala lang akong magawa. haha. indeed. galing ng caption ah! 😀

    @lakwatsera de primera: hahahaha! headstands na lang. SEA lang ako mapapadpad banda claire. hehe. hope to meet you somewhere! 😀

  7. @micamyx: haha.walang topless jan. lol. i changed the title na kasi misleading. toinks.

    @kura: wahahaha. walang magawa eh. hehehe. ayoko lang yung papakainin ka ng dumi or ewan. basta ayokong masyadong gross yung mga pinapagawa. hehe.

    @lawstude: I'd like to go back at pupunta mga lunch time na para makikita talaga ang terraces ng kiltipan.

  8. awesome! i havent been to sagada and im planning on going there soon pag may enough money na ako. good job with the half naked thingie, i would have done the same thing. hehe. i remember when we were at the summit of mt. tapulao in zambales and i was taking a bath completely naked from a spring water flowing in the mountain late at night and the temperature was freezing cold and i was there shouting and screaming "im the king of the world". call me crazy but it was a lot of fun! thank you for visiting my blog. it was really an honor.

  9. i wanted to see Kiltepan at sunrise when i visited Sagada alone back in 2009 but my ankle was sprained kaya d na ako nakapunta. that's one reason why I want to go back to Sagada plus the Big Falls. uhmm..topless!? u have topless shots in Palaui and i think that's hotter, post it here and see a sudden spike in your traffic! haha  but i love you more when you're conservative. 🙂

  10. @asiong32: haha, you also watched jackass shows, these guys do crazy things! no worries, I try my best to visit blogs when I have the time. 😀

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: sayang ang sprained ankle, we didn't trek which helped to visit the place in a shorter time rather than trekking. wahahaha, it's ok gael, i think the blogosphere has had enough skin showing in this site. thanks for the comment! 😀


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