Sagada Trip: Trekking Aguid Rice Terraces

Eating a cup of agar-agar that I bought on the weekend Saturday market in Sagada, we rode a shuttle that took us to the starting point so we could trek down the Aguid Rice Terraces and see the Bomod-ok falls.

Trekking Aguid Rice Terraces to Bomod-ok Falls
Sagada, Mountain Province
March 5, 2011

bomod-ok falls
view from our starting point

It was an hour’s worth of trek but it was something I looked forward to since i was going to see these rice paddies up close.

holding hands trek
holding hands

A trail was already laid out so it wasn’t that difficult to hike. But I remember in the middle of the trek, Carla had a challenge going down that Andrew, our guide from SAGGAS, immediately searched for a branch to serve as a walking stick.

trek aguid
Aguid Rice Terraces

paddies up close

Seeing A Carabao Climb

I wondered how the carabaos reached the rice paddies down below and are able to go back up. I didn’t realize they could actually climb so it was a treat to see a water buffalo carrying its weight to move to an elevated surface.

carabao climb
they’re not hardworking for nothing


We passed by houses along the way. Andrew kept sharing some history of the town every now and then but the I kinda forgot about most of the points as I was happily clicking the shutter of my camera.

house sagada
gathering spot

houses aguid

Witnessing Daily Life During the Trek

Aside from houses, we passed by a few people along the way; mostly kids. They were doing their daily routine in this side of town. Some even amazed me on how they carried sacks and other weights on the long way up.

But then these chores are all a matter of adapting oneself to life in order to survive. Still, I can’t help but admire how they work at such a young age.

Kids were playing, some were working, and some were just curious. A kid kept following us but was too shy to focus our attention that he just went to one side whenever we stopped. I remember Tofi, one of our companions, bought a lollipop and gave it to him which he gladly accepted with a smile.

boy aguid
the shy kid

Seeing the simple life in Sagada made me consider living in this quaint town. This also made me wonder how it would be like to stay in a different country that’s not too costly. At least I can still live within my means but I’ll be able to explore the place even more. Makes me wonder now when I’ll be able to get cheap flights to Delhi so I can go try to live for about a month in India. That will still be something I’ll work on next year.

trek to bomod-oka

We arrived in Bomod-ok falls in time for a quick snack. I jumped into the natural pool so I could also enjoy the water. Check out my story of this part of the trip here: Sagada Trip: Slipped and Hit My Head on a Rock in Bomod-ok Falls

photo op with the falls

After about an hour of relaxing, we had to go back to our hostel to prepare for another activity in our itinerary. But we stopped for a moment to take a last glimpse of the terraces.

one last look of Aguid Terraces in Sagada

It’s seldom that I see sights like these so I consider the trek a blessing. I hope to visit other rice terraces in the Mountain Province; Batad Rice Terraces and the Banaue Rice Terraces are on definitely on my list once I have the time.

bomodok soloflighted
on the loose

You can check out for directions to Sagada.
Also, read how how to get to Bomod-ok Falls and other useful information on this post – Sagada Genuine Guides – Trek to Bomod-ok Falls.

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  1. Ang adik mo lang sa mga pose mo Ed. Laging buwis buhay!
    Parang ibang way ata yung dinaanan niyo compared dun sa amin kasi parang di ako familiar dun sa holding hands na photo.
    And ang cool nung sa carabao! I wish we were able to see something like that as well.

  2. @lakwatsera de primera: there was another one who carried half a sack of rice. πŸ˜€

    @chyng: haha. busybusyhan. daming trips at napagod rin sa work! maya na ang siquijor. may osmena peak pa. hehe.

    @nathelle: thanks nathelle! enjoy Sagada! πŸ˜€

    @micamyx: ganda nga di ba? ayos na ayos πŸ˜€

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    @batang lakwatsero: mas maganda raw ang Batad. sarap balikan ang Mountain Province. πŸ˜€

    @christeen: enjoy your tip christeen! thanks for dropping by!

    @mervz: wow. minsan napapagod din ako sa pagtetrek. pero ok na rin. hehe

  3. You really got to see those rice paddies up close.  The closest I've got to rice paddies was in Vietnam.  I got to see one from a distance.  And it didn't look as cool as the ones in your photos here.

  4. @steve: you should visit the Philippines, Steve!

    @Tripper10: punta ka na tripper! enjoy sya!

    @gaye: thanks gaye. there was another kid carrying a sack of rice ata. eh malayo-layo pa naman yung tatahakan nya. πŸ˜€


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