Kawasan Falls

A friend texted me if I was free on a Saturday as she will be celebrating her birthday in Kawasan falls and invited me to join them. When I heard that it’s Kawasan falls –> one of the places that one must visit in Cebu just because it’s accessible (just like Moalboal), I immediately said … Read more

Camotes Island

The day after our Pandanon island trip, I joined another group of people who were off to Camotes island. At first, I didn’t want to take part in the outing because one: I don’t have enough cash. two: I’ve already been to Camotes and three: I’m already tired from the previous outing in Pandanon But … Read more

Pino! Restaurant in Cebu

One Sunday night, I went out to dinner with friends and workmates. Hey, I'm a cheapskate at heart; so when the opportunity came by that we were being treated out, I couldn't refuse it. I'm amazed of the place and its design. It has this old Hispanic interior and feel which reminds me of old … Read more