these are great times

I like the fact that my mind is not limited to the payslip that I get every half of the month. I'm able to earn some extra money through my sideline (blogging) and my skills are getting enhanced when it comes to understanding the concepts of the web. I'm currently in school, I have a … Read more

counting the hours left

till I go back to school, till I go back to work. It’s going to be another busy day,  a busy week. This will be for the next three months though. I still have some projects to make. I’ve been delaying it ever since I got this much-deserved break. Now I’m cramming for exams and … Read more

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I got Rich Dad Poor Dad as a present since I posted it as one of my wish lists during one of our exchange gifts. I’ve heard a lot of talks about this book and how it helps a lot in breaking the mold of what we used to think would make us wealthy in … Read more

New Year!

2007 was, in general, a good year for me. And according to some useful tips from different books I’ve read, I should focus more on the positive things that happened to me. Work –> I’m glad I got one especially at this point in time knowing that in general, I’m still technically unqualified to have one just … Read more