New Year!

2007 was, in general, a good year for me. And according to some useful tips from different books I’ve read, I should focus more on the positive things that happened to me.

  • Work –> I’m glad I got one especially at this point in time knowing that in general, I’m still technically unqualified to have one just because I don’t have a degree yet.
  • Health –> Though I stopped school, I got my normal weight back.
  • Friends –> old and new.
  • Colleagues –> people who make work extremely enjoyable to go to.
  • Family –> despite so many issues, we’re still intact; so far.
  • Places –> I’ve been to different places already because of this industry, (Tabuelan, Moalboal, Bantayan, Panglao, Boljoon, Alcoy , Pandanon, Olango, Bagongbanua, Gilutongan, Camotes). I’ll slowly blog about these adventures in this site.

So what’s in store for me this 2008? Well, more work and more work!

I’m planning to find other means to earn some income, hence the blogging business.  Thinking more of how I can make everything turn out well, I should start first with myself.

I resolve/plan to:

  • Buy a digicam.
  • Buy a pc/laptop.
  • Get serious with health/fitness.
  • Get promoted again.
  • Go back to school (maybe shift a course).

I have other plans but I can’t think of anything more for now.

Happy New Year to one and all!

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