these are great times

I like the fact that my mind is not limited to the payslip that I get every half of the month. I'm able to earn some extra money through my sideline (blogging) and my skills are getting enhanced when it comes to understanding the concepts of the web.

I'm currently in school, I have a regular full-time job and I do some extra stuff during my free time. People think that I'm slowly killing myself; in reality I am, because of the busyness that I put myself in. But I know my limits, they just don't get it directly. You can't expect people to understand you the way you understand yourself. That's why there is such a word called  OPINION. You know that sacrifices are made in order to gain something else. You don't have to explain to every person who asks, sometimes those questions are just for spite. Negative comments won't do you good. We all live different lives. We each have our own problems. I'm just glad that I've come to this self-realization that it doesn't have to take going to work everyday even on your days off to earn.

I have now a more open mind when it comes to understanding what my father has taught us: "Opportunites are there ALWAYS, you just have to learn how to grab it." Indeed, these are great times; maybe not for you, but really for me. Now is a time of change, a time of chances, a time of discovery. There are so many things to do, there so many things instore.

This is a life of no limits, anything is possible. I am happy to understand this revelation. I am working on it. 

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