Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly, Cebu

Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly infront of University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus USC-TC Talamban, Cebu I’m glad that I get to have classes in the Talamban Campus despite having most of my subjects in the Main Campus. What I usually like is that I get to eat really budget meals, good for students there. We … Read more

Stupid, stupid.

I lost my effin’ wallet! Arrrgggghhh. I don’t have any money in there except for 20 bucks but the content inside; those cards. I had to call every one of those banks just to block those plastics and have new ones replaced but it’s such a hassle. I don’t have any money left in my … Read more

one more week!

It will be finals already. I’m glad that the semester will be over. One more week!

alas, no class and work!

For the next week at least, and work too! I’m just glad that my department doesn’t have any work during the holidays and our off’s during the weekends so it’s going to be a long break from work and school. I’m planning to go to Dumaguete some time next week or this, it depends. I … Read more

no class again

Pfffttt… 4:10pm I woke up one afternoon in order to get ready for class at 4:30. We were going to have an exam that’s why I hurriedly took a bath and wore some clothes and went out of the house. It was already 4:20pm and I even hired a taxi just so I could get there fast. … Read more

absent instructor

It’s upsetting to know that you haven’t slept for more than a day already because of work and school and when you’re supposed to attend classes after waiting for two hours during a vacant schedule, you find out that the teacher went AWOL. The least he could do for his students was inform us–>I know, … Read more

preparing for a party

I don't have enough sleep as usual. Work has been preoccupying my mind that I sometimes have difficulty juggling school and blogging in the process. More so that we are currently of hot topic but this too shall pass. Also went to the mall to buy some stuff for our annual Christmas ball. But I … Read more

about school

Was glad that this week didn’t turn up as hell-ish as I assumed it would. I got a special project in Hist15 wherein I don’t have to submit a report about Family History (I’d have to trace my roots from at least 3 generations). I just have to present whatever I can with what I … Read more

a day in the life

After 10 years, I met some of my cousins again. Boy were they tall, the guy’s 6’2″, the girl’s 5’9″. They said that they’re younger siblings who’re in Davao are taller than them. shoot. They could’ve given us some of their height. Oh well, at least I was able to see them after a terribly … Read more