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Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly
infront of University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus USC-TC
Talamban, Cebu

I’m glad that I get to have classes in the Talamban Campus despite having most of my subjects in the Main Campus. What I usually like is that I get to eat really budget meals, good for students there. We have siomai sa tisa, ngo hiong (dunno how to describe it), barbecue etc. As always, there are the usual healthy meals. But the one that I would like to talk about would be Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly.

It’s the budget chicken house that I always go to and keep coming back mainly because of two things: the chicken skin and their chili sauce. Don’t be fooled, this is street food in an establishment, and it’s just fried chicken and some puso (hanging rice) that you get to dig your hands into.

I relish every minute of eating their chicken, glorified by all the oil and cholesterol. A lot of students eat at Tagala’s Chicken because it’s a well-known place to have lunch especially if you’r budget-conscious. I believe they have a branch near Cebu Doctor’s College (the old building) and near Velez College.

I’ll be missing this food place by summer.


Tagala Chicken Butterfly, infront of University of San Carlos Cebu




fried chicken ready


I bought a wing and a thigh, plus some puso (hanging rice)

Photobucket Photobucket

now here comes their chili sauce!

Photobucket Photobucket

my Tagala chicken meal

Photobucket Photobucket

after wrapping a cellophane turned glove, it’s time to dig in!


One last look of Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly

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10 comments… add one
  • rols

    i’m guessing you also tried the buy1 take 1 burger promo. joke! hahaha

  • Edcel

    haven’t tried that one yet rols. The Angel’s burger. hehe

  • gino

    love tagala’s!! diha mi pirmi magkan.anan! mga BSCompE-1 E/F

    • Edcel

      lami jud diri. lami kaayo ila sauce. thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  • Cath

    Oh my I loooove tagala’s chicken! I studied in USC main and has classes in USC TC too.. I live in Manila now. I was in Cebu May 23 for only a day so didnt have time to eat at tagala’s. Please please padad.i ko chicken nila beh.. thigh part.. tulo nga daghan na puso… please………………..

    • Edcel

      Cath: Carolinian! haha. was in Manila for two weeks though. i haven’t dropped by Tagala’s in a long while. it’s back to school, if i go back studying, i’ll be able to eat there again.

  • rea

    do you have contact number of tagala's chicken butterfly? please share

    • Edcel

      @rea: sorry, no. don’t have their number. 🙁

  • Gi-google nako ni, naa jud diay food blog ang Tagala's. Haha! Spent a lot of lunch meals during college in Tagala's too in CDU Capitol and Mandaue. Now in Grad school and studying in CIM (Ramos), I still frequent this place for lunch. Maayo kay naa sad silay branch sa Ramos. Wa jud pul-i! 

  • dee

    I miss tagala's … now I am homesick!  The secret why tagala rocks is the chili sauce and the chicken is really deep fried and crunchy!

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