Stupid, stupid.

I lost my effin’ wallet! Arrrgggghhh.

I don’t have any money in there except for 20 bucks but the content inside; those cards. I had to call every one of those banks just to block those plastics and have new ones replaced but it’s such a hassle.

I don’t have any money left in my ATM cards so that solves the problem.

My government IDs (SSS and BIR Tin), those are the ones I’m going to have to give more time to. To think that the new process of getting replacements is just unbearable. It’s already stressful that application for new cards would entail you to line up early at dawn (4am) and yet there are already a number of people waiting in line so you’d have to pray and wish that you’ll be part of that chosen hundred who will be given that elusive priority number cause if not, you’d have to line up again the next day.

Discount cards are also useless now. How about my blood donation card from red cross?

What’s also upsetting is that the wallet was still new and after a long debate of whether getting one or not would be a good idea, evidently the good idea lost itself in the process.

Now, before I further drain myself, I need to get dressed and head to the office. Stupid, stupid.

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