Booked and Packed due to Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare

Was able to book some flights for 3 months to different domestic destinations using Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare! I was happy that I finally caught this promotion while browsing through some Social Networking sites like Facebook has a very good purpose after all. With Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare, I got discounts wherein the price for … Read more

Sinulog 2010 was a blast!

Sinulog 2010 Every Third Sunday of January Sinulog 2010 was an endurance test for me. It was my first time to participate in the Sinulog event – really participate by going out into the streets and practice my skills in taking pictures while experiencing the weather being crazy and all. It seemed clear in the … Read more

back in dumaguete

I’m back to my old town, I’m back in Dumaguete. I’ll be here only for two days, I hope I can maximize the situation. I know I haven’t been a very good blogger, updating my sites and all. It’s with the time that I rarely have these days. I’m busy with extra tasks and such.

Mikey Arroyo grilled by Winnie Monsod in Unang Hirit

I got this from Bianca Gonzales’s blog and I’m posting this in my site. This is probably old news in the media business but I still want to make an entry about it. I have been very apathetic when it comes to political issues as there are more pressing areas that I’m more concerned about … Read more

falling at casaroro

Making fun of myself and I don’t know why. Must be something I ate lately. Here I am, falling at casaroro falls, coincidence? Probably.  Now Ed, look for other videos that show how much of a goofball you are.

skimboarders in Argao

I'm a bit excited to posting the pictures last Monday in Argao, Cebu. So here are just some teasers, there are a number of photos I've taken and I should be able to sort them out. Mahayahay beach, Argao Cebu. Skim boarders         And here I am, trying to stay on board but … Read more

Blogging from the MS Word 2007

Trying to test this new feature in Microsoft Word 2007. I’m blogging from a Word document rather than opening my post. Hope this works. Update: Yep it did. However, I think there’s a problem with HTML code and posting pictures from my photobucket account. Anyway, this is already good since it’s already a start.

bought a phone for my bro

It’s the least that I could do considering the situation that just happened to him. I never got to spoil him so this is a fresh treat.  Now, I’ll be facing the consequences of having to pay interest. Still I’m glad to be of use somehow.

bye bye

I say goodbye to the 19″ desktop and speakers. huhuhuhuhu.

got no sleep

I will be joining our field trip tomorrow for our Hist15 class –> lol, field trip, so grade school. hehe. We will be going to Carcar, Argao, Dalaguete and Boljoon. I hope the weather will cooperate. I also hope I can get a nice seat. I’ll be joining in the fun, unless I want to … Read more

cold wake

Makes me wonder, is it me or does it seem like everything’s too scattered? I wake up and only feel the air, I realize the sleep wasn’t as relaxing as I imagined. I look around, eyes still adjusting to the lights. I recall the dream or nightmare that had just overwhelmed the emptiness of circumstance … Read more

Sinulog and I didn’t celebrate

I stayed away from the crowd during Sinulog just so I could concentrate on having a better time relaxing and de-stressing. Besides, I needed to update a lot of things. I also needed to upload some pictures about the Edge Coaster Ride in Crown Regency Hotel yesterday. I’m sure Cebu was really in a festive … Read more

another week

It’s the start of another work and school week and somehow it’s taking its toll on me. I find it taxing that whenever I’m supposed to get everything sorted out, situations (unexpected ones at that) break them back into pieces. It will only be for awhile until I can get another break from the complications … Read more


Somehow I’m still hesitant to go. I tried contacting some people but they can’t be reached. I don’t know if I’ll push through this trip or not; maybe I will. The weather isn’t cooperating but I want to go. I still have 3 hours to pack up, 3 hours to decide. I better take a … Read more