Mikey Arroyo grilled by Winnie Monsod in Unang Hirit

I got this from Bianca Gonzales’s blog and I’m posting this in my site. This is probably old news in the media business but I still want to make an entry about it.

I have been very apathetic when it comes to political issues as there are more pressing areas that I’m more concerned about in life altogether. But this video of Mikey Arroyo getting grilled by Winnie Monsod in Unang Hirit had somewhat triggered me to post it in this blog for other people to see. It’s just too hard to pass up. I wanted to blog even about the different campaigning strategies of Senator Mar Roxas and Senator Manny Villar, particularly their advertisements. But somehow it faded until I forgot about it.

I just wonder how the rest of the nation, who don’t have the internet and only rely on newspapers and television and old media for information, access and really see how this Mikey Arroyo committed media suicide trying to cover up the unexplainable amount. He was questioned about his SAL (Statement of Assets and Liabilities) starting 2002 and how it went up.

Here’s a video of an interview with Mikey Arroyo in Unang Hirit yesterday morning about the unexplained assets of the Presidential Son. Thanks to technology, Youtube and such that we’re able to spread this out for other people to see.

I confess, I don’t have a strong political stance because I stay away from these topics which makes me really lame when I’m being asked about my opinion on the state of the nation. Call me a coward but I guess I’m more ignorant and this is one area I’m actually not proud about but I’m talking about anyway.

Video of Mikey Arroyo being grilled in GMA7’s Unang Hirit by Winnie Monsod.

Sue me in court, Talk to my lawyer. 
Kudos to Mareng Winnie.

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