another week

It’s the start of another work and school week and somehow it’s taking its toll on me. I find it taxing that whenever I’m supposed to get everything sorted out, situations (unexpected ones at that) break them back into pieces. It will only be for awhile until I can get another break from the complications of everyday living. It’s going to be midterms week next week and our local festival “Sinulog” before that. I almost forgot I started interacting with some of my neighbors. It’s the least I could do since we live in the same compound. We played “mahjong” so I guess I’m almost up every weekend since it will always finish until the wee hours of the morning. We also ordered some Alberto’s pizza in between. It was pretty cool that Alberto’s is really expanding in such a short span (less than a year). They’re really making a lot of money with their booming business. My friends in high school are here for their practicum so I’m pretty booked even on weekends.

I just wonder that with all this time, I don’t think I can keep up with blogging. It’s good having my own domain and all but it just makes me wonder if I can keep this on a regular basis. I do have other plans to purchase another domain to expand my network in order to gain more in the process. I’m still looking for some green web hosting service that’s perfect for my needs. I want to create a photo album site for my pictures, now that I’ve listed buying one of those professional DSLRs as the things to buy this 2009.

I have to update a lot of my blogs that creating an entry about when to update it is actually a filler already. hehe.

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