cheesecake after the gym

mango cheesecake

Went to Madeleine at Waterfront to check out some shakes after going to the gym and had a small conversation with the waitress…

Waitress: Good morning Sir!
Me: Good morning! Do you have some fruit shakes available? 
Waitress: Yes, we have. Would you like some mango shake?
Me: Do you have a banana and strawberry milkshake?
Waitress: Lemme check.
Me: By the way, how much is the mango shake? 
Waitress: 185 pesos.
Me: *choke* Umm. Give me a sec (looking at the pastries on the tray).
Waitress: and the Banana Strawberry shake costs 225 pesos.
ME: *Gulp* Miss, cheescake na lang! (I’ll have a cheesecake instead!) 

Darn, the prices are too high. haha. The maximum I’d compromise would be around 120 bucks but never mind. I resorted to buying some cheesecake instead. Also added some chocolate ensaymada because I still felt hungry. Wa kwenta ang gym woi!

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5 thoughts on “cheesecake after the gym”

  1. *sigh* minus kaayo ka eds! LOL
    as in! you have to master the art of acting not affected after learning the prices of the stuff way beyond your budget that way dili minus…bwahahaha


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