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One Sunday evening, after doing my rounds at the office, I had to get out and drop by SM City Cebu because of a number of items on sale. This is what happens to most people whenever it’s pay day and I’m feeling a little bit loaded; but I seldom rarely go out and buy stuff during pay day. I just stay at home and surf so that I wouldn’t be tempted to buy something. Somehow, this time was different as I was itching to get something for myself. I guess it’s with the month. Toinks

Met up with Audrey at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, she just finished gobbling (gobbling dyud?) up, I mean, drinking her coffee –> she likes coffee that much. She wasn’t done surfing so I bought some food thinking that I’d get a code at the cafe to connect to the internet. The attendant told me I needed to have a card to access their own wifi connection, bummer. I thought you only have to purchase something. So I tried connecting to other devices. SM already had a free wifi connection all throughout the mall; something Ayala should also be considering; even just at the Terraces. The connection sucked and I planned to finish some tasks at odesk; articles I needed to write. I wasn’t even able to start because of the bad connection.

I was upset considering that it felt like I wasted 65 bucks, hoping to get both the product (muffin) and the service (wifi).

Anyway, we just tried to look for some accessories for our laptops and ended up not getting anything; probably just some LCD wipers. hehe. Ate at Greenwich afterwards for dinner. Funny thing is that when we went to the orgiinal building (not at the North Wing), I was able to connect properly at Greenwich and it was fast! Probably because of too much congestion before.

banana chocolate muffin coffee bean

Banana Chocolate Muffin; P65.00
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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