coffee bean at sm cebu

One Sunday evening, after doing my rounds at the office, I had to get out and drop by SM City Cebu because of a number of items on sale. This is what happens to most people whenever it’s pay day and I’m feeling a little bit loaded; but I seldom rarely go out and buy stuff … Read more

blogging at Seattle’s Best in Ayala

I’m here at Seattle’s Best at the Ground Level of Terraces, Ayala –> naghinilas. hehe. Just got off from the gym and getting a haircut so I decided to grab a bite to eat in a place that has some wifi connection so I could also utilize the laptop that I brought. Oh well, hopefully … Read more

Cakewalkers at The Strip

After eating dinner at the o2 Spa, it’s time for dessert! We just walked a few meters since we went to a cafe nearby. The Strip is named as such because of a strip of establishments lined up in one strip. Wahaha, I don’t even know how to describe it. Anyway, we got to visit Cakewalkers … Read more

too sleepy

I’m too sleepy that even coffee can’t keep me awake, shoot.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve been frequenting coffee shops lately. Of course, like I said, I don’t usually drink coffee but I like the ambiance of these cafes cause it’s just slow and silent and you’re separated from the fast-paced environment after you step out of the door. We were planning to … Read more


Figaro just had a soft opening the other night and since we were in the night shift, we figured with drop by to grab something to eat. I don’t really like coffee but I needed one to keep me up. We were also hoping to get at least some nice freebies but nah, they didn’t … Read more

Merry Christmas!

I’m starting to feel better now. I went with my co-workers (or should I see co-trainees) at a birthday party or just some nights after work. Some of my them are a little agog over getting their Starbucks stickers completed so they can get a planner as part of the establishment’s promotion. I’m not really much of a coffee fan, but I … Read more