Contemplating on Traveling a hitchhiker’s guide to going nowhere soloflighted

Been working on some things in order to promote my site and transition to being a full-time blogger and eventually lead to a decision that will change another course and create another chapter of this life.

I’d like to take my backpack and go to places; unexplored and by my lonesome self. Somehow, I’m still a coward but I’ve taken measures. According to Estan of, I just have to keep on blogging and I’ll be heading that direction. I want to find other bloggers who share the same passion as I do and go on an expedition. I wish to embark on another journey but like they always say, the first cut is the deepest the first step is the hardest.

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6 thoughts on “Contemplating on Traveling”

  1. hahaha. bai….*grabs greenwhich pizza* NAG LEVEL UP KA NA!! hahahaha.
    Nag level up gyud ka idol. Branding noh? sige lang apas ko ana branding. Travelling alone is scary!!! But I have to admit the thrill is great! 
    Maybe for security reasons I would like to travel with a partner or a companion.
    There are some hidden jewels here like the Igotann cave. simple but worth it

  2. I also like traveling places alone. I experienced that in Panglao, Bohol. However, a good companion can sometimes bring an awesome thrill to expedition.
    I am also a travel blogger and I am seeking for other travel bloggers out there, I am gradually contacting travel blogs for guest posting and/or helping them with their contents on their blogs. But no fruits yet to flutter.

  3. @bjornson: aside from bringing an awesome thrill, it helps around the budget. hehe. hope that we all get to travel to a destination to blog about them. thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    • @bjorn: no problem! thanks! haha, heidi? hehe of course. hehe. she’s in another account but we’re under the same department. 🙂


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