current condition

The current week is one of the episodes in my life I’d rather skip or just get over with, quick. Being a blabbermouth, I tend to enumerate to different people who ask me what happened which wears me out in between. Maybe I should find come duct tape to shut me up so I won’t have to explain. Let them wonder what’s going on. But I guess talking is just a way form me to release the tension.

I don’t have enough sleep (what’s new?) and I’m extremely exhausted because of the current state. I’m not productive and I have to catch up with too many work-related issues.

The good news for this week though is I got my 3rd payout because of blogging. However, the blog money that I earned (read here) for the past three months seems to have been used for emergency purposes. I’m glad at least that I have some extra dough but I need to save them up for schooling the coming semester. I feel I’m already driven to finish my studies whatever problem I may encounter, but I could be wrong.

“Living is easy with eyes closed” – j.lennon

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2 thoughts on “current condition”

  1. ako just to make sure i won’t stray this time, i handed in my resignation letter. mag freelance nalang muna ako so i can do the other things that i’ve always wanted to do.

    goodluck ed! >:D<


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