Currently in Dungun, Malaysia

So a new opportunity knocked on the door and this couldn’t have come at a better time. My trip from Singapore to Chiang Mai was cancelled since the airline company (AirAsia) is no longer operating routes between these two cities. I simply had to email them to get a refund for the money spent; quite a convenient way to handle disputes if I might say so.

in transit

So where am I? I’m currently in Dungun, Malaysia, and I’ll be here for awhile. The backpacking trip hasn’t really been cut short but I have a reason to stay longer than my supposed plans.

This is also my first time to go to this side of the country and I’m liking the place just because I’m right beside the beach!

tanjung jara resort
Dungun, Malaysia

Instead of sitting in front of a desk, my feet are going to be busy for some time. I hope to relearn things and apply what I’ll learn in the future.

sand feet
taking a break

I may even be able to go on a trekking adventure or dive; when there’s more time available. I’m just glad of this opportunity and I can’t thank my friend for passing the message to me.

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9 thoughts on “Currently in Dungun, Malaysia”

  1. Wow, memories. Haha. We used to live in Paka, small town before Dungun. Province much, lol. Di kagandahan ang beach dun e, pero mukhang ok diyan. Are you crossing the border to Southern Thailand by bus? Di ba delikado?

  2. @Supertikoy: dami pang pwedeng puntahan dito sa Malaysia 🙂

    @ihcahieh: not crossing the border, will be here for just a few weeks 🙂

    @paul: thanks paul! hope tuloy2x na toh. 

    @Sky: impake na yan!

    @Micamyx: haha, part-time lang. good luck sa El Nido solo! 🙂

    @Riz: one of these days kung mapadpad man. 🙂


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