Laptop Issues on the Road

I’ve been having problems with my laptop lately. I bought my Lenovo in February of this year and it’s on its 7th month now. The past few weeks have been terrible for me in terms of its performance. It doesn’t respond as fast as my old notebook with lower specifications.

Slow Response

Since I’m travelling most of the time, I have to make sure that there are no issues with my computer when I get the chance to work. And the last weeks have been a pain in the butt because of how slow it was. When I opened my browser or switched to a different application, it took a few seconds for it to respond.

laptop computer
working hard (or hardly working)
photo by Doi

I may need Antivirus Software to prevent unwanted attacks when I transfer files to my computer. I shouldn’t be too complacent in settling for a free scanning program that I can easily download online. Because it’s also a risk if these programs have malware in them too. Maybe getting a Macbook would be good; but it’s beyond what I can afford for now.

All along, I forgot to perform basic troubleshooting and I was thinking more about the RAM being dysfunctional. A simple reinstallation of the web browser actually did the trick. It was that simple.

SEA Wi Fi Internet Signals

But aside from the performance of the system itself, another thing I’m particular about is the internet connection of the place where I work. I’m always in the lookout for good Wi Fi spots while backpacking in Southeast Asia. According to the cities I’ve been, Singapore has the fastest signals, next is Bangkok. Kuala Lumpur is alright, and the Philippines maybe next. Siem Reap was okay for web browsing but Bali’s internet was really bad for me. I didn’t have a lot of work done even if I visited coffee shops to work. I thought the internet in those cafes was faster but it was still the same.

bali indonesia work
balcony office overlooking the pool
would’ve been nice if the internet was faster

I can’t stress enough how anal I am to have an operating system that responds quickly, as well as fast & reliable internet connection. This is, after all, my bread and butter.

But even if I might complain like this, I’m still thankful that I get to earn money with my blog and my other online ventures. I was able to buy stuff because of sharing my stories and thoughts online. Just like my first laptop purchase, I bought this second computer using the earnings from my blogs. I hope to start saving money and start working with a routine to continue receiving a steady stream of income in the next months.

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