Dawel River Cruise and Bangus Harvest in Dagupan, Pangasinan

After our breakfast at The Manor Hotel in Baguio, we headed to Dagupan City in Pangasinan. The main activity that was lined up for us was the Dawel River Cruise. We arrived after four hours and we were greeted by the representatives from the Dagupan tourism department.

pangasinan fishing
an alternative career
photo taken by Angel

I knew about this cruise through my blogger friend Mica of Senyorita.net when she wrote about it on her blog. If you ask me, Mica seems to be a blogger ambassador of the Dagupan City because of how she promotes her hometown to the rest of the blogging community. Check out her article here: Dagupan City’s Newest Tourist Attraction

bangus dawell cruise
murals that greet you at the entrance

Inspired by Bohol’s Loboc River Cruise, the Dawel River Cruise was conceptualized to clean the rivers of Dagupan City. A relaxing day with local music being played as we passed through the river, it was a welcome treat from the extreme activities that we had the previous days. We also feasted on delicious rice cakes that they prepared for us.

dawel river ruise
Dawel River Cruise in Dagupan City, Pangasinan.

Bangus Harvest in Dagupan, Pangasinan

Dagupan City is known to be the Bangus capital of the world so it wasn’t surprising when they added the bangus harvest as part of the tour.

The fishes were brought from the fish pen to the boat. We took our cameras out and recorded the event.

bangus festival in dagupan
harvesting fish in Dagupan

Since I couldn’t just stand there and stare at the spectacle, I stepped in and helped out. Carrying the fish and transferring them was fun. The fishes moved so fast and I got splashed many times with water from the fish pen, but I didn’t mind; I was happy to witness how these fishes were harvested.

fresh bangus dagupan
fresh milk fishes!

Even if this was just a side trip, this was my main highlight during our visit. Thanks to Angel for carrying my camera and taking photos of me carrying the fishes!

Mangrove Planting in Dagupan

Our last stop was the mangrove planting activity. The Dawel river is surrounded by mangroves which play an important role and helps prevent soil erosion.

dagupan mangroves

The Dagupan tourism team taught us how to plant them which wasn’t that difficult. All we had to do was get the stalk and then place it firmly on the ground. That easy!

the pinay solo backpacker planting
ThePinaySoloBackpacker planting

When we got back, they laid out some of the fishes they’ve harvested earlier; all grilled and ready to eat! We devoured the food right away. Eating the fish with our bare hands was the best part so if you ever drop by Dagupan City, don’t forget to try their bangus!

bangus dagupan
grilled milk fish in Dagupan!

Dagupan City is celebrating the Bangus Festival from April 16 to May 1, 2012. Check out their Facebook page for more updates on news and events: http://www.facebook.com/whatsupdagupan


***Lakbay Norte 3 is an eight-day Media familiarization bus tour organized by the North Philippine Visitors Bureau to Rediscover the North of Luzon, Philippines.lakbay norte

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18 thoughts on “Dawel River Cruise and Bangus Harvest in Dagupan, Pangasinan”

  1. Nakakaaliw ka talaga that day Edcel haha 😀 Thanks for blogging about my beloved Dagupan City! Kung gusto mo mamalagi dun once bumalik ka ng Pinas, welcome na welcome ka dun 😀 ingats dyan sa SG Ed 😀

  2. Hala, ka daghan sa bangus oi. lumos man ta sa isda. I'm glad that Dagupan city is cleaning its rivers- hooray for responsible tourism. Interesting post- might put this as a possible stop once balik ko sa cebu.

  3. @czar: thanks too for the kind welcome! 😀

    @mervz: yeah, daan ka dun at patulong ka kay Mica. 😀

    @micamyx|senyorita: haha, long overdue na kasi toh. thanks as well for being an ambassador of Dagupan! you're a good job. back in Cebu na. 😀

    @Kate: this is in Dagupan, Kate. but yeah, really a great place! 😀

  4. I really find Philippines a great tourist spot. I heard its a beautiful country and my friends have been bragging me to come join them. Think I better say yes to them soon^^

  5. Agree. Ambassador nga si Mica. hahaha! I remember nag-organize din siya nun ng trip to hundred islands together with the other bloggers. She also featured the river cruise with FlairCandy before. Dapat ng patayuan ng monumento si Mica girl. hihihi! I wonder why it was called Milk Fish? Johnson's Baby Milk bath ba ang hinahalo sa tubig sa fish pens? lol!

  6. @Joan: you should check it out next time! 😀

    @Rica Curtis: thanks for dropping by!

    @ian: i think the package tour that they have is for the Dawel River Cruise. not sure about the harvest. but you can talk to the tourism officers of Dagupan! thanks Ian!

    Matt: not so certain, usually around April (2nd week) to May (first week). yep, patterned daw nila sa Loboc River Cruise. 😀

    @McRich: masaya talaga ang Dagupan. dami pang pwedeng puntahan dun. I'll visit that place more next time. 

    @kura: dami. lol at the Milk Fish, tatanong natin kay Mica kung may plant ba ng Johnsons dyan. haha.

  7. Hi Ed! I forgot to mention that they used a photo of you in your "alternative career" mode in an article I wrote for a print magazine :p Medyo full yung photo mo. Will send you a scan sometime. Hehe.

  8. @dylan: dami nga! hehe

    @carla alferez: just setting travel as a priority. 😀

    @christian: haha, wag kang mahiya! dami mo na ngang updates! hehee.

    @kara: hahaha, wow, print magazine pa? hehehe. lol. full? waaa. yes please kara! pasend ng scanned copy. hehe

  9. Bangus Festival??? ahmmm… ang alam ko eh parada iyon ng mga tiylpaa!!! hehe joke!!! kung bangus lang ang pag-uusapan… hay naku dito na kayo sa Dagupan!!! dito mo lang matitikman ang pinakamasarap na bangus!!! bakit??? kasi malapit na ang Bangus Festival!!! Libre ang pagkain!!! chibugan na naman ito!!! !!!:) jeko mari ka nga patartarawwat!!!hehe ok na ok dito sa Dagupan!!! Excited na nga ako sa nalalapit na Bangus Festival!!!! ilang kilo kaya ng bangus ang mauubos ko??? pwede na siguro ang isa…. isang barko!!! hehe kaya kayong mga taga Dagupan humanda kayo!!! hehe just kidding…:) hindi ko na rin mahintay na mapanood ang street dancing!!! meron kayang naka T-back dun??? hehe kayo ha dirty minded!!! hehe ung bangus ang sinasabi ko!!! hehe akala nyo kung ano noh??? hehe belat naisahan ko kayo dun!!! hehe 🙂 ayaw ko na…. ang sakit na ng tiyan ko sa kakatawa…. gudbye….:)


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