White Water Rafting at Chico River in Kalinga

We arrived from a long bus ride from Nueva Ecija to Las Palmas Hotel and Resort in Tuguegarao. Travel time took about 9 hours so we spent the night inside the Lakbay Norte 3 shuttle to rest.

Afterwards, we headed to our assigned rooms so we could get ready for another adventure prepared for us. But first we had breakfast at 5 in the morning courtesy of Mcdonalds. The meal was what we needed to keep us full as we travel to Kalinga and experience white water rafting by Adventures and Expeditions Inc.

White Water Rafting at Chico River
Kalinga, Cordillera Administrative Region

kalinga chico river
listening to our raft guide

Toploading in Kalinga

It was a chilly morning and the sun was still rising. On our way to the starting point of the rafting adventure, we made a stopover to change seats. Those who wanted to ride on top of the jeep had transferred. This reminded me of my crazy topload from Banaue to Bontoc during our trip to Sagada. It also made me realize I haven’t finished writing about my Sagada series.

toploading to chico river
chilly morning topload

This was a different toploading experience because compared to Sagada where there was almost zero visibility, I had a clear view of the mountains and the Chico river; the river that we were about to traverse on using rubber rafts.

road to kalinga
short stopover for photo ops

It was a cold morning ride, but the climate didn’t stop us from admiring the spectacular view of the mountains of the cordilleras. We had to stop to take more photos of the river from a certain point on the road.

river kalinga
Chico River in Kalinga

Finally arriving at the starting point, we were given tips on how to hold the paddle to maneuver the boat. The guys from Adventures and Expeditions Philippines Inc. (AEPI) made sure that we understood their instructions.

chico river rafting
preparing for the rafting experience in Kalinga!

I was in the smallest boat with other guys who wanted a challenging raft. The smaller the raft, the better chances of you falling. Call me crazy, but I wanted to fall. haha.

That Little Devil at the Back of the Raft

I can’t recall how many rapids we faced, but I remember I kept cracking up every time somebody fell. James kept saying that I was a little devil because even when some of my companions were already struggling to keep balance, I still couldn’t stop bursting into laughter.

lakbay norte rafting
that little devil at the back
photo from Ivan About Town

white water rafting kalinga
Who had the last laugh?
photo from Ivan About Town

Even our guide fell off the boat! I was the only one who didn’t which was a total bummer. haha.

It was really fun especially when you are with people who want to experience an extreme ride. At times when the water was calm, we would admire the view of the mountain ranges. We would also splash water on each other.

chico river whitewater rafting
calm part of the Chico River

My first white water rafting adventure was in Cagayan de Oro and the water was murky because it rained the previous days. This time in Chico River, the water was green which added to the beauty of the landscape.

Some areas where we rested, my companions piled rocks to kill time. I was amused at how tall they could pile those stones on top of each other. I wanted to try so myself, but we were told to get inside the raft for the next rapids.

rock piling chico river
Ivan B. Angel, and James – piling rocks

We finished the Kalinga white water rafting experience and changed clothes on an open area filled with rocks. It was another sight to behold; too bad my camera drained on me.

headstand kalinga
photo by ThePinaySoloBackpacker
the helmet I wore felt very comfortable

The whitewater rafting adventure in Kalinga is a great team building activity for colleagues, friends, or families. An important tip: don’t forget to wear sunscreen! You might not notice the sun because of the fun, but it’s good to apply protection for your skin.

Adventures and Expeditions Philippines Inc. (AEPI)
Address: 29 Burgos St., Tuguegarao City;
Contact Person: Anton Carag
Mobile: +63 (917) 5327480
Landline: +63 (78) 8441298


***Lakbay Norte 3 is an eight-day Media familiarization bus tour organized by the North Philippine Visitors Bureau to Rediscover the North of Luzon, Philippines.lakbay norte

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