do i look rich?

Do I look rich? I was told that I’m somebody from the UPPER class market; which is a total laugh-off.

I was mall-hopping one afternoon since I just learned how to use the MRT station. I grabbed the chance to just check out the malls because I didn’t know much about any place to really go on an outing trip.

Anyway, I was passing by the different shops in Trinoma (just window-shopping) when a fellow with a tie on approached me asking for 2 minutes of my time. He then tried to educate me about the poverty-stricken nation due to the different calamities that happened and how it affected our people and the environment. Afterwards, he requested me to donate a partial amount (around 500 bucks using a credit card). I said I’d think about it in order to refuse politely but then he rebutted. I then told him about the situation I’m in; that he has misconstrued me for a rich bloke when I’m just there checking out the place. I went out and didn’t pass by that side anymore.

Wow, I look rich already? haha. To think I just wore a plain white shirt, black shorts and some Islander slippers.

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7 thoughts on “do i look rich?”

  1. There are some people who look rich even without a single cent in their pocket. Class, style and “the air of wealth” just come naturally to them. Well, maybe you have these things. 🙂

  2. pie: class? air of wealth? i doubt i have these. hehe. thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    michy: lol. hi michy. this is my last week na. 🙂

  3. boooy!!! be careful with things like that coz it might also be a way for those people to commit fraudulent stuff on your credit card/info… hahaha…hmmm…thinking about the situation, i wanna ask, ga-EOP mo or Tagalog??? LOL

  4. edcel!! white hirt, balck shorts, islander slippers?? pang-datu man nga nga suot…low profile rich people bah!!! hahahahaha…ka-relate pud ko!! LOL LOL LOL..

  5. doi: syempre EOP, rather than letting the guy hear me say broken tagalog. haha.

    audrey: nyak, low-profile gud? haha. maytag naka flipflops este havaianas ko. hehe.


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