Working in a Cruise Ship

One of the things that I contemplate on doing while I’m still young is to work in a cruise ship. I’ve always wanted to get paid while travelling to places. I get to hit two birds in one stone. Being in a customer service industry wherein you cater to clients in a moving ship seems tempting because of the escape that comes with going out of the country.

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Addicted to Plants vs Zombies

Darn it, was about to just check my mail at home when I chanced upon a game that I encountered when I read a blog about it. There I was snooping around when minutes turned to hours and the day became night. I was hooked! I don’t really have any games in my hp 540 … Read more

Internet at The Brown Cup

It’s 9:30 pm and I’m at The Brown Cup at the back of St. Theresa’s College doing some more work to accomplish for the day. My brother commended this place which is a nice location to chill as there aren’t that many people compared to Starbucks. I like the chairs better as my back is … Read more

allowance blues

  Yes, I’m just a sorry ass little dweeb; feeding off with my savings and loose change. I know I’ll still survive but I don’t want to let this happen again. I’ll be working on getting more accounts set up for me to have more avenues to save. Though I know it’s discipline in the … Read more was down

but it's now back up. Finally, I was really worried because for a couple of days, I couldn't do much and I know I had a lot of opportunities pending that I needed to update but I was just stunned that I couldn't really do much with it. . I just felt weak during the time … Read more

random stuff

Just posting some random stuff.   I would want to go back to Dumaguete just to avoid the traffic here in Cebu. I never really thought that ‘easy access’ can be so tempting. I can just drive a motor bike without a helmet in Dumaguete and you won’t get reprimanded. Still, I need to get … Read more

another busy entry

Yes it is indeed. I have so many things to do this week which makes me wonder what it would be like if I didn't commit to so many requirements. Even so, I need all the help that I can get which is why I am sacrificing my time in order to get something else. … Read more

tagay wherever

I was on my way back home to Cebu from Dumaguete via Santander. I rode a van at 150 pesos from Santander to Cebu and I stayed on the front seat cause I wanted to get some shut eye. Luckily, it's one of those experiences wherein you can't help but turn your head from side … Read more

vacation leave

and it was approved! A one week leave which I'll be using for more important matters. I hope I can mix some travel and leisure while being on a business trip. I haven't used my vacation leave for the year (except maybe for one). Last time I used about 5 days off from work, I … Read more

sun is up

and it’s a beautiful Monday morning! I’ve never been quite ecstatic over a morning in a long while. I think it’s because of the rays of the sun coming from the window pane that were trying to blind me. Despite not having an enough amount of sleep (I was still doing some tasks in odesk … Read more

Mikey Arroyo grilled by Winnie Monsod in Unang Hirit

I got this from Bianca Gonzales’s blog and I’m posting this in my site. This is probably old news in the media business but I still want to make an entry about it. I have been very apathetic when it comes to political issues as there are more pressing areas that I’m more concerned about … Read more

highway drive

I was looking at some random pictures in my hard drive when I chanced upon this blurry picture of my friend, Doi in her car at night. I remember this was the time when I was trying out the wifi connection in my laptop and we dropped by Offroads or Mcdonalds (near Sykes) to get … Read more

mulitply or facebook?

Had a small conversation with a Team Lead from my former account inside the elevator going up. Joe:  Where have you been? You’re burned to a crisp. Me: I went to the beach over the weekend. Joe: That figures. So you now have a lot of photos? Me: Yeah, but I don’t upload them in … Read more


Random picture just for the sake of having something to post. We bought these when we went back to Mahayahay beach in Argao to skim again. It was nice as we brought some watermelon to keep us hydrated when we were too thirsty or we wanted to eat something sweet and cold.  Altogether now, complete … Read more