Dubai, UAE: Quick Stop at the Hatta Mountains

We got into the car after swimming in a natural pool in Wadi Al Qahfi (Wadi Khaffi). We were on our way to the Hatta Mountains which is what the tour is named after.

According to Shahzad (our guide), Hatta is still part of Dubai; but we still have to pass through Oman borders as it’s much faster using that route.

Dubai, UAE: Quick Stop at the Hatta Mountains
April 30, 2013

hatta mountain
Dubai-Oman Hatta Tour

hatta safari tour
back to the vehicle

Aside from the leg room, being the only ones inside the vehicle allowed us to travel at our own pace. Without having to worry about other people, or having other people to worry about us, we were able to decide how long we would spend in one tourist spot.

We finally arrived at the Hatta Mountain. It was very peaceful at the time with only one other person in the area.

hatta tour emirates
Hatta Mountain Tour Dubai-Oman

hatta dam
dam it! hehe

The water was green and the mountains serve as a rusty-colored backdrop. It has a little resemblance of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines (which I’ve never been to) because there’s a body of water around rocks.

hatta mountain panorama
panoramic view

Shahzad informed us that during weekends, the place is filled with locals having picnics. People drive with their cars and have barbecues while simply hanging around. But now it’s really bare. I tried to ask if we could swim in the area, but I stopped myself after seeing that the water was not clear.

last look

It’s a big area and I could only imagine how many people were around during winter season where the climate was more bearable. Fortunately for us, the weather was still transitioning to summer.

hatta mountain safari
the guy on the left was travelling alone

We had our last glimpse of Hatta Mountain before we were to get back to our route and head back to the city. To be continued…

Tour Guide: Shahzad Ahmad
Mobile Number: +971 56 2318281, +971 52 7866550


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