First Time in an Emirates Airlines Boeing 777

I boarded an Emirates Airlines Boeing 777 plane on my way to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was my first time to ride a plane of that size. I became excited at the thought of riding a huge aircraft even if it meant spending 8 hours in the flight.

My Emirates Boeing 777 Experience

Emirates Airlines Boeing 777
Emirates Aircraft Boeing 777 from HK to DXB

During my backpacking adventure, an A320 or an ATR would suffice. But since the plane from Hong Kong to Dubai took longer than 4 hours, a bigger aircraft is truly necessary.

I didn’t know what to expect; so I was wide awake despite not getting much sleep the day before. At the boarding area, I was already taking photos of the Hong Kong airport. I recall the last time I visited this region of China, and the first time I felt when I landed on a foreign country.

headstand hong kong
at the HK International Airport

Hong Kong is my first destination outside the Philippines that I travelled to. It brings back a memory of excitement because of endless possibilities to wander.

emirates video
Emirates In-flight Entertainment System

We proceeded to the aircraft and I didn’t realize how big the plane was until I got in. I passed by the Business Class area and took a photo of one of the seats so I could compare it with the economy class. Here, you have a cubicle all to yourself. You can put your feet up and sleep on a chair that can be converted to a bed. I wonder what the First Class seats look like.

emirates business class seat
business class seat

Economy Class

I was happy to see that even from an Economy class ticket, I had ample space to stretch. I also had my own multimedia screen where I could watch TV shows and movies, listen to music and play games.

emirates airlines economy seats
economy class seat

It wasn’t a full flight, so other passengers transferred to seats that were vacant when the plane was ready for takeoff. I was too busy checking the channels from my entertainment system and I was contented with my window seat.

After takeoff, the Emirates flight attendants served refreshments with a biscuit and I was already happy even if it was merely a snack. I was also given a small wet towel  to wipe my hands with them.

emirates cabin crew
stewards serving refreshments

I travel on a budget. Even during plane trips, I make sure to get cheap flights, with no baggage allowance or extra add-ons.

I bring my own snacks on the plane so I won’t have to buy from a stewardess serving items. This time was different. I had my own food and beverage, a complete meal served. Of course, this was already included in the plane fare. Still, it’s something new to me and I gladly accepted whatever the aircraft crew served.


They served dinner on a tray. The destination of origin was Hong Kong which is why their dishes are also Asian-inspired.  The food was just alright. I loved the vegetables.

emirates meal
my meal – chicken with veggies and some side dishes

emirates airline food
meals served

Entertainment System

Coming from long bus rides where I just sleep through an 18-hour land trip, or play “Snake” from my old Nokia GSM phone to kill time, the amenities of the Emirates aircraft was more than enough to keep me busy. The 8-hour flight didn’t even feel long.

emirates entertainment
So many choices for entertainment
Classic and current movies, updated music albums, TV show series, concerts, etc.

I heard in other aircrafts, they have Wi-Fi installed. So you can go online even during a flight!

They switched the lights off since it was also dark and the ceiling had what looked like stars to give the notion as if we were on earth. A creative lighting system if I might say so. All the time I was busy scanning through movie titles and TV shows of which there were lots! I actually slept a little in the entire flight.

emirates plane night
creative lighting system

Arriving in Dubai

I arrived in Dubai, UAE; finally! When I stepped inside the Dubai Terminal, it felt all new. Ceilings were very tall and the architecture was different. We passed by the immigration counter and headed to get another meal in one of the food shops in the airport terminal.

dubai uae
landing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I checked the time and it was about 11pm. I realized that I have switched to a different timezone.


A funny thought: During my first trip abroad, from Cebu to Hong Kong, I joked that I had jetlag. That flight was only about 3 hours away and I had the balls to brag that I  was not feeling well because my body was tired from jet lag.

To which my colleagues explained to me that jet lags happen when there is a change in time zones. They just sneered cause I wasn’t using the term properly. To think that I even adjusted my watch when it was not necessary since HK and the Philippines is just near. Feeling kasi. lol

dubai airport

inside the terminal 3

Anyway, it was unusual that I didn’t have one (jet lag) during this trip from Hong Kong to Dubai. Probably because I was too excited with the thought that I was going to cross another country that I didn’t know that I could do so.

burj al arabBurj Al Arab

Arriving in Dubai made me contemplate on how my trips have evolved. How great is the feeling to travel my country & Southeast Asia, and now to a new location. I still get those jitters when I step on an airport for the first time as I am not sure if I’m capable of doing so in the first place.

The first step is always a critical moment. Still I am truly thankful to have had this chance to travel.


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13 thoughts on “First Time in an Emirates Airlines Boeing 777”

  1. Always a funny feeling when you ride a full service airline kapag sanay ka na sa Cebu Pacific. Parang nakaka-touch kapag nag serve na ng food tapos hindi ka siningil, hahaha. Experienced that with some Chinese airlines. Anyway, good luck sa Dubai gig. I guess we’ll be seeing Middle East blog enrtries soon? Besides, hub yan ng Flydubai. Have fun! XD

  2. @ihcahieh: haha, indeed. feels like you’re a king when you get these services. Thanks! Planning to post lots of ME blogs. 🙂
    @bertN: Thanks sir! Will do!
    @Micamyx: yeah, that’s what i liked. You’ll never get bored with the entertainment selection!

  3. The Jetl Lag Joke was really Epic, hindi ka naman nagiisa diyan. It’s in my wishlist na makasakay sa Emirates, nakaka-sosyal. haha. Will definitely wait for your Dubai adventures. 🙂

  4. Wow Ed! Very nice article about your new (perhaps farthest, so far) travel adventure! At first I thought CebPac gamit mo for Dubai. You know what? I had the very same experience about using the term “jet lag” nung first international travel ko (that’s Macao nman :)), my friend corrected me since same time zone lang sila ng Phils. Hehehehe! Ilang months di ata silent ang blog mo? Anyway, have a blast in Dubai! Looking forward for your next destination!

  5. @Poi: haha, thanks and will blog about my Dubai adventures in the next few weeks 🙂

    @Marc: Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Yep, been awhile since I last blog and I’m prepping up for new articles about my adventures (old and new ones). Thanks! 🙂

  6. Emirates is a very service-oriented airline so you made a great choice flying it. Had flown it several times while working in Saudi Arabia and on a trip to India (777s and A380s).
    Awesome you’re able to take a photo of yourself in HK while doing THAT pose!

  7. This is all so exciting. A new region to explore! I’ve always known that jet lags only occur when transferring to a destination at least 5 time zones away. Yet when I flew to Delhi (two and a half hours earlier than Mla), I was sooo sleepy. So I say jet lag is relative. Haha. Lol.

  8. I am following your adventures and trips for a few months now, I am just wondering if are you going for another trip in Dubai or for personal matter? (pakelamero lang! hehe :D) Anyway, good luck and hope to read more exciting and adventurous post from you 🙂

  9. Whenever I fly to Manila, as much as possible I fly with Philippine Airlines kasi Boeing 747-400 ang eroplano eh. I have a thing for jumbo jets (lol arte gamayan man gud kog A320). And riding a Triple 7 is already listed sa akong bucket list. Sawa na ko mag hatag ug landing/take-off clearance sa mga triple 7 na emirates. Gusto na nako musakay and have a luxurious experience via Emirates! HAHAHA

    You staying there for good na? 😀


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