Edge Coaster and Skywalk story

January 16, 2009, the day before Sinulog was the date that I had an excuse to scream like hell and nobody would think of me as a person that had a serious case of brain damage.

Audrey and Doi invited me to join them in Crown Regency’s Edge Coaster ride. I didn’t really found the hype that interesting at first but when they told me that we could get a discount, I agreed.

It was a Saturday, I went out of the office late (as usual) and directly visited my dentist for an appointment. I met up with Chrissey, Doi, Audrey and Dudley also late that I didn’t have much time to eat lunch. I also didn’t eat breakfast then and I had nothing in my pocket to munch on so you could say it was a breath of bad air because of the dentist trip. harhar.

We went to Crown Regency around 1pm and there weren’t that many people inside so it was nice cause it wasn’t crowded. But I had a bit of an issue with the service that we received. There was a small miscommunication with the pricing but we still ended up paying good value (I think) since they have a buy one take one promo. There were 5 of us but I’m glad they also have a 50% discount for students. So to save you from doing the math computation, we only had to pay 690 bucks for two rides (Skywalk and Edge Coaster) each plus the entrance fee.

When we went up to the 37th floor for the Skywalk, we didn’t know we had to pay for socks for those who didn’t wear one. What I didn’t like was the charge for having somebody take our pictures. We had to pay around 250 pesos each but we had to give in because it’s nice to record the moment. I just wished that I could get the poses that I wanted because each camera person has a different perspective. Also, we couldn’t get our pictures right away because their computers were infected with viruses so we still need to come back and get them. Lastly was the meal, we were told that we could get our meals on their bar but when we got there, they informed us that they had an activity and we had to go back down to eat our snacks; which would mean that we’d have to pay another entrance fee if we were to do so. There’s a problem with relaying the policies to the customers. To think that my stomach was grumbling and I haven’t slept.

But since I’m too much of a good person, I just brushed all the negative thoughts away and made do with what was presented to me. It would be more fun that way. We tried out our orange prison-like jump suits and were taught what to do on the Skywalk ramp. Safety first as always. Afterwards, we went up to try the Edge Coaster ride.

The Skywalk wasn’t as fun as the Edge Coaster ride. What you can do to make it interesting is to shout the name of the person who owes you money who forgot all about it and just release all the negative energy on top of Cebu.

“******, bayra imo utang doh!” (Give me back my money!)

As for the Coaster, the ride was interesting enough all by itself. Once the ride starts, the default tilt would be 30 degrees but you have the option to tilt it up to 55. At first I thought I could just take the height. But NO, I was screaming like hell while Doi was laughing silently but uncontrollably because I was such a scaredy cat. It was really something especially at parts where you can’t see any ledge below to break down the fall incase you fall. I went nuts in most parts because I couldn’t see my feet anymore!

P*cha!!! Y*wa!!! F*ck!!!”

I couldn’t remember how many curses flew out of my mouth that people who were inside ran out to see what the commotion was all about because my voice echoed all throughout the top of that floor (and probably even below it).

After the ride, I couldn’t feel my legs anymore and my hand was attached to my colleague’s shoulder just to keep myself from trembling too much. It was embarrassing too, because of the number of people who were laughing AT (not with!) me as if I knew what I had gotten myself into. It was a great experience that I think my balls can still take probably at night when I can see the lights of the city. One thing’s for sure, the hotel should hire me considering the crowd I attracted for shouting my lungs out. harhar.

Entrance Fee: P380 – regular rate
Skywalk Experience – P500
Edge Coaster Ride – P500

Pictures up next…

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11 thoughts on “Edge Coaster and Skywalk story”

  1. i can just imagine how crazy it feels when facing your fears! the cussing and shouting? i can relate to that! although it sucks when everyone laughs at you when your body is shaking like hell. yet it’s a great and an unforgettable experience, isn’t it? I don’t think that I’d enjoy that though! I won’t even ride a roller coaster at star city at all! i’m such a coward! hehehe…

  2. ally: haha, i wanted to go to enchanted last time i was in manila but i wasn’t able to go there. try mo ang edge coaster when you come to cebu, it’s worth it! haha. you wouldn’t think of your 500 bucks when you can’t see your feet in the air. hehe

  3. “”…… and Dudley also late that I didn’t have much time to eat lunch….”””

    i, dudley, am now, just formally now,
    will always, should always, could always,
    remember that, people always hate other people being late.

    ok ed, got you.

  4. aw. na late baya ko pag meet adto nato sa crown regency.

    ako pasabot is,

    i will always bear in mind nga bati gyud ang ma late kay ang tanang tao di gusto og late. and also, i should always send a text message informing the people kung asa nako kay dili ako ang pinaka importanteng butang nga dapat gyud huwaton.

    and besides dapat man gyud on time perme.

    but then again, naa man gyuy certain instances nga di malikayan diba?



    • aw.
      abi nimo ikaw ako pasabot na “also late”? I was referring to myself because I was already late when I got to the dentist. And then when I met up with you guys, people were already waiting for me so I was late again.


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