Selling Tumbler’s Homemade Ice Cream last Sinulog 2011

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures last Sinulog 2011 because I was busy selling homemade ice cream; even if it was raining!

Last year (Sinulog 2010 blog article), I took part on the street parade and took a number of photos which was a blast because I got to practice my skills in photography. However this year, I only took a few. You can blame it on the bad weather as the water poured hard during lunch time.

tumblers cebu
Tumbler’s Ice Cream in Cebu

Weather predictions were clear that it was going to be a wet Sunday for Cebuanos but it never hindered the people from going out on the road and party. I went out with a couple of friends until I stopped by a former colleagues’ ice cream stall somewhere in Mango Avenue.


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Sinulog 2010 was a blast!

Sinulog 2010 Every Third Sunday of January Sinulog 2010 was an endurance test for me. It was my first time to participate in the Sinulog event – really participate by going out into the streets and practice my skills in taking pictures while experiencing the weather being crazy and all. It seemed clear in the … Read more

still uploading the pictures from Sinulog

Sinulog 2010 was great! My first time to participate in the event after 6 years of living in Cebu! I’m still uploading the pictures in what social media account I have. I don’t get to update my multiply account anymore. Still, time has been very busy and I can’t seem to catch some for myself. … Read more

Sinulog Week and I didn’t know

The Sinulog week has actually started last Saturday or Friday – I haven’t been very updated with what’s going on with this town festivity. To think that this is Cebu’s main festival and the country’s biggest. I’m a bit stunned when colleagues would tell me the list of activities that are lined up for this … Read more

Edge Coaster and Skywalk story

January 16, 2009, the day before Sinulog was the date that I had an excuse to scream like hell and nobody would think of me as a person that had a serious case of brain damage. Audrey and Doi invited me to join them in Crown Regency’s Edge Coaster ride. I didn’t really found the … Read more

cold weather

Everybody’s been noticing the cold weather. Something about the season that makes those ukay-ukay jackets/sweaters/hoodies so marketable. It’ll be the Sinulog festival two days from now but I’m in no festive mood. A colleague invited me to try out the new coaster ride offered by Crown Regency Hotel that every multiply user here would like to post … Read more

Second Semester: 20 or so days

Second Semester What I like about the second semester is the number of classes that are available for students like me. It has a number ( a lot) of holidays (special and not) that you can’t help but just be amazed at how time flies by fast. It’s the 7th of January, minus the Sinulog festival, I … Read more

Pit Señor!

Sinulog's up and everybody's in a a busy and festive mood. Finally, I was able to see other tourists aside from the usual Koreans usually visit. Not that I have a problem with Koreans, but it's actually a breath of fresh air knowing there are other nationalities who make it a point to experience this anual affair. … Read more


sinulog PIT SENYOR! (i still don’t know what that means) while everyone was busy preparing and watching and participating in the different events, parties and the much-anticipated street-dancing parade, i slept till my head hurt during the sinulog festival. nothing significant really happened on why i trapped myself in isolation, cuddling myself up even when … Read more