Food trip

I have sleeping and shitting issues again due to the frequent change of schedules. Sheesh. Good thing we’re almost done with our training.  It’s nice to finally be able to finish this degree program so I won’t have be bothered with too much studying.

The previous week had been a binge on food tripping. Since our trainer is a Vietnamese who’s been to Cebu just for our training, almost everybody he had worked with has been taking him to different places here for his enjoyment.

Pizza at Da Vinci’s & Roma Mia, siomai and barbecue at Larsian, AA’s Barbecue, and City Grill, baby back ribs at Casa Verde, and even roadrip from Mactan to the South Reclamation Project (SRP); don’t forget the ever reliable discounts at Jollibee.

foodtripsmall.jpg picture by edcelito

Spending time with John (his name) had been awesome, such a cool guy to work with. No hang-ups or superiority complex issues unlike other people we’ve encountered. Now he’s off somewhere, back to Canada maybe.


Answering another tag from wena, thanks wen!

1. I love to eat: Pizza, Ice Cream.
2. I hate to eat: Cooked Liver
3. I love to go: to the Beach.
4. I hate to go: out with a bad crowd.
5. I love it when: I take good pictures.
6. I hate it when: it’s too hot.
7. I love to see: new and exciting places.
8. I hate to see: vermins at home.
9. I love to hear: the sound of rain.
10. I hate to hear: old people whining about ‘their days’.

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3 thoughts on “Food trip”

  1. Still green, I see. Oh and pun pretty much intended.

    Haha kidding.

    I kinda miss writing, ang taking pictures, and well, just writing. How I envy you. 😀

  2. I’m still ghaving a fit with customizing this site. antagal magload. hehe.
    Green pa rin. Ah ganun! lol. envy ka jan, magblog ka na kasi uli. 🙂

  3. hui ed… amP naa koy cC pro wla paman na bayaran.. haha! they just sent me a new one kay nag expire naman tong daan… but then i have to call the customer service para ma activate akong card… shIet.. akong CC limit kay 10k n naa pa koy utang na 10.5k WTF!! haha! maka ibog man gud!! waaaaaaaah! aww.. cge lang swipe2x and their ripping 50% off sa kuan… monthly interest… shieet… bwahahhahaha!!


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