Hong Kong: Modern Toilet Restaurant in Mongkok

UPDATE: One of my blog readers said that this Modern Toilet branch in Mongkok is already closed. I was also surprised to hear the news. However, I believe that there is another branch of this concept restaurant in Causeway Bay.

In Hong Kong, most of our time spent eating were composed of hanging out in KFC food restaurants — we never even bothered tasting street food. However, we didn’t pass the opportunity to drop by the Modern Toilet Restaurant to have that unique dining experience.

If you’re a working professional and you start your work day reading emails and SPAM messages from co-employees and friends, you’ve probably come across a forwarded email about a restaurant that uses miniature toilet bowls as their plates. The food concept is taken from the Modern Toilet Restaurant which has a couple of branches in Hong Kong.

mongkok modern toilet
Modern Toilet Restaurant

mongkok modern toilet
59 HKD -South Pacific Curry Chicken Hot Pot

We arrived at the Mongkok District from Hong Kong Disneyland to check out the shops around. It was night time and we were starving for dinner. Cindy was looking at her printed copies of our itinerary to look for the address of the Modern Toilet resto.

It took us time to find the store (it’s located on the 3rd Floor of a building) but we were glad that we saw it. There weren’t that many people around which made us really happy to get seats right away. We ordered food and then started taking pictures.

hongkong modern toilet hongkong modern toilet
Menu, entrance

hongkong modern toilet hongkong modern toilet
Inside the Toilet Resto

True enough, this concept restaurant is consistent with their theme. Aside from the dishes served in miniature toilet bowls, the lamps, tiles and other decorations are all patterned according to the bathroom setting. Toilet seats, sinks, urinals, showerheads and others all add up to the creative ambiance.

modern toilet modern toilet
toilet seats and sink tables

modern toilet
urinal lights on the wall

Funny thing happened to me while we were waiting for our food to arrive. I needed to go to the loo in order to relieve myself. I saw a male and female sign on a door which led me (or any other person) to believe that it was the door for the comfort room. I tried my best to push or pull so I could enter but then I realized that it was just a wall and the doors were just decorations plastered on tiles. It was a total bummer considering how pathetic I looked because of forcing myself to open it. Good thing there weren’t that many people staring at me.

Ironic how the Modern Toilet shop doesn’t have a toilet inside their restaurant — the bathroom was located outside.

mongkok modern toilet
kept trying to open the door, but it was actually just a wall.

I never thought that I could experience dining in this restaurant cause who would’ve known that we will be able to eat at the actual place that we only saw in forwarded emails.

How the food was presented might gross people out especially those with sensitive guts. But for my companions and I, it was no biggie. hehe

DSC_6571 mongkok modern toilet hk

Personally, the food was just okay. The extraordinary environment is what we went there for. As a matter of fact, that’s what most people who dropped by the place were after.

mongkok modern toilet hk DSC_6585
59 HKD – Japanese Pork Cutlets, 59 HKD – Pork Chop Rice with Cheese and Mushroom Sauce

mongkok modern toilet ice cream
18 HKD – Ice Cream
I shit you not!

The chain of Modern Toilets started in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and now has 12 restaurants in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan with future locations planned in Macau and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Source: Modern Toilet – Wikipedia)

We spent around 237 HKD for 3 meals and one ice cream dessert. A little expensive for my taste, but then again, we paid mostly for the experience that was beyond the usual.

modern toilet in hongkong

It actually looks romantic from afar (NOT!) hehe.

Directions to Modern Toilet in Mongkok
The famous restaurant branch is located at the 3/F, 240-244 Portland Street, MPM Building (MTR Exit C4/E1).

You might not find it at first – and you will probably have a hard time asking for directions from people due to how crowded shops are in HK, but you’ll get by. We passed by a couple of blocks, only to find out that we had to go back where we started. It’s opposite the Langham Place mall, and on top of Cotton On and Levi’s shops.

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12 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Modern Toilet Restaurant in Mongkok”

  1. @EJ: haha, it wasn't as extraordinary as it looks though. but it's good enough/

    @Kristine: haha, i saw your entry about the Modern Toilet — we ate at the same branch pala! hehe. Had to buy two shirts at Cotton On, so comfy! hehe

  2. hi ed, did you know na wala na tong restaurant na to in mongkok. ngpunta kami just yesterday and ibang resto na ung nandun. so sad d nmn na-try. 🙁

    • @jinkay: ganuna ba? sure that it’s the same place? sayang naman! they also have another branch though in HK. nakalimutan ko kung san.

  3. ung sa mongkok ang pinuntahan niyo right? sa baba is cotton on and levi's? yup its the same place, may bagong bukas na japanese resto na dun nung nagpunta kami. ung isang branch sa causeway bay. sayang talga. 🙂

    • @jinkay: yeah, that’s the one. sayang naman. at least we were able to drop by when it was still there. thanks for this update!

    • @chichi: unfortunately, a reader said that they just closed this branch. but there’s another one somewhere in Causeway Bay. try it for the fun! 😀


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