Hong Kong Trip: Victoria Peak

September 06, 2010
Hong Kong Trip Day 5: Victoria Peak

Part two of our Day 5 in Hong Kong, we went to Victoria Peak and I wasn’t really sure what’s there as we just relied on Cindy to tell us that it’s a great tourist attraction especially at night. Boy was I foolish to just shrug this destination.

view from the Victoria Peak

After our Ocean Park adventure, we proceeded to Admiralty and took the 12A bus to Victoria Peak. Cindy told me that we needed to get down after one stop alone. However, we didn’t get to because we were so preoccupied with the scenes outside our bus window — so many buildings and pubs and establishments around. We stepped down after the next stop and we were figuring out how we could go back to the previous station in order to start over.

bus and at the stop for the peak Tram

Luckily, we met two Filipina workers who gave us directions on how to get to Victoria Peak from where we were standing. We knew ahead that they were our kababayans as they were chatting loudly in Filipino while they were walking their master’s dogs. I’m glad I didn’t have to resort to my broken English in order to communicate with them effectively — I only had to resort to broken Tagalog this time. haha.

True enough, we waited for the peak tram on the tram stop and when it arrived, we were happy that we were able to catch up on the schedule. We stepped in and it was full of people (businessmen, backpackers, tourists and others) who were heading to the same direction as we were.

inside the Victoria Peak Tram

We stopped and we were following majority of the passengers who were heading to the Sky Terrace in order to catch a 360° view of Hong Kong Island. Along the way, we passed by some shops and I bought some souvenirs as I remembered a colleague requested to buy her some chopsticks.

sky terrace sign and Chinese souvenir shop

We headed to the top of the building and was amazed at the beauty of Hong Kong. If you want to see a breathtaking view of the island and its skyscrapers at night, then Victoria Peak is definitely the place for you.

Victoria Peak

There’s a view in every corner. I tried to use of telescopes provided and it was no luck; I didn’t know how to use the darn thing. All I could see were a few lights and aside from that, it was pitch black — that was 5 HKD gone to waste. hehe

lights and more lights

My camera’s battery ran out on my but I’m glad I was able to take in a few more shots.

We headed back to our favorite place which was the Mongkok Center and checked out some souvenir items as well as clothes and shoes. That was our last night there so we maximized as much as we could.


Food: 30 HKD – Dinner KFC
Transportation: 60 HKD – Victoria Peak Transportation including Sky Terrace Entrance Ticket
Miscellaneous: 554 HKD – Shopping for Souvenirs/Gifts

* 1 Hong Kong Dollar at 6 Philippine Pesos

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6 thoughts on “Hong Kong Trip: Victoria Peak”

    • @lomilomi: we bought our tickets for the Peak Tram from Ate Yolly (Tai San Guesthouse caretaker) including the Sky Terrace entrance — around 60 HKD

  1. can i ask u some infos about mtr stations?
    if i wer in Ocean park what's the nearest mtr station i can ride to go to mongkok, symphony of lights?
    and if i wer in disneyland what is the nearest mtr station there that i can ride to go to TST,avenue of stars?
    tnx hop u  can help me

  2. Hi, could you please tell me the exact directions on how to go to Victoria tram station from Ocean Park? If possible the fastest and most convenient way, because with me is my mom and my aunties.. thanks a lot!


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