how to make french toast

French toast, sounds expensive and all for the rich and well-off, but is actually quite easy to make. I have the privilege of having a next-door housemate who loves to cook. She’s pregnant right now that’s why she can’t really cook as much; but on rare occasions, I get to taste new dishes cooked at home. This time, while I shared my leftover pizza from the night out at a former colleague’s place, she was preparing some ingredients to make some french toast. As always, I have a thick face and I invited myself again to join their breakfast. I bought some ripe bananas and some juice so I could contribute something. hehe

How to make French Toast:


Prepare your ingredients

  • Fresh milk
  • Egg
  • Butter
  • Bread Loaves
  • Fruits (Preferably mangoes, but we didn’t have any so I got some bananas instead)
  • Maple Sryup
  • Cinammon Powder

DSC_1658 DSC_1661

In a bowl, crack an egg and mix it with your fresh milk. Beat it, just beat it. hehe. On a frying pan, melt some butter.


Put a loaf of bread and dip it on the egg and milk mixture until it would cover both sides. Then place it on the pan until the bread becomes golden brown on both sides.

DSC_1674 DSC_1683

Make enough to create a batch. Top it with your bananas (or any fruit of your choice). Pour some maple syrup on it and then top it off with cinnamon powder. You can actually make do without the powder or the bananas but that would be depending on your liking and how you’d like to prepare it. 

DSC_1680 DSC_1693

There you have it, french toast! haha. Never really thought this would be that easy.


We heated the leftover pizza and prepared some orange juice. A cheap breakfast that actually lasted until dinner! hehe.

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