Life right now has somewhat become a trance. I wake up and feel numb at the situation that has overwhelmed the course even for my own content. I look at the window sills covered with dust but blurs out from sight. I watch the sudden movement at the corner of my eye. It was just a gust of wind blowing a piece of note, a reminder of a call I needed to make for the day. Paranoia strikes again.

Times like this I burst a song that takes me into flight; taking me to a space beyond parallels, beyond definition. Trapped in my inglorious realm, I continue to elude consciousness to find eternity. But then where does eternity lie? Not in a book that encourages how to find your personal legend. Not in a movie that takes forever to a satirical level. Not even in your journey of experiences as if the world ended yesterday. Whatever it is, it is best left for self-interpretation.

I blame the heat that resides when the moon is down below and the seconds that seem to tick more slowly after every point. The weather is an easy target, unpredictable as it may always be.

I am unfazed by normal inhibitions as I go through the process of analyzing details. However, I am stirred by the sound of an animal that disrupts me from my slumber. The rooster never crows in this side of town; but the dog barks to put my senses back in place.


Weird I’m not. Strange maybe. 

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