I had to call them NGenius people about that HP store in SM Cebu

Because I couldn’t contain myself, I had to call an HP center, well I guess I called NGenius instead, since they’re affiliated. Questions became arguments and arguments became debates. In the end, all I wanted was respect and caution.

I was able to vent the frustration out to someone. Though I feel bad for the guy, at least the acknowledgment was there. It’s so hard to find good customer service help nowadays.

Here I am, installing new updates, installing new drivers. Read that HP store center people? Installing updates! I know I wouldn’t be able to install updates if my copy were not legitimate. And believe me, I’m too dumb to find a crack. I figured the Ultimate was too much even for my own specs to handle. Besides, what we need is efficiency, and when all I want to do in this machine is to blog and surf and vice versa, probably insert in a couple of dvds, one can realize that you don’t need all the hoopla that the Ultimate can offer. We just need to be practical. But somehow, I still want to get it.

So here I am, starting over at Home Basic. I’m just crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to connect wifi without any hassle. The previous OS did give me a headache, the people at that HP center in SM Cebu too. I still love my HP laptop, I just hate their service. Funny how they call themselves a service center.

I just had to fend for myself that’s why it’s really upsetting. They should know better, they shouldn’t blind their customers. Yung utak, wag gawing kitid!

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