Surfing Online in Cebu

7 days off, one day of work and another 4 days off – this was my schedule last week and this week. Surprisingly, I didn’t go out of town. I was falling over my budget and I’ve been meaning to save for the second half of the year where I’ll be flying which is why … Read more

Addicted to Plants vs Zombies

Darn it, was about to just check my mail at home when I chanced upon a game that I encountered when I read a blog about it. There I was snooping around when minutes turned to hours and the day became night. I was hooked! I don’t really have any games in my hp 540 … Read more

my hp540 laptop

Hi, I’m an HP 540 laptop that was bought in service center in a known mall here. It’s nice cause my master was searching for other laptops so he could hasten the process of blogging anywhere and anytime. He scouted all the stores in the mall to check out what’s the best price that could … Read more

got my hp laptop back!

and I finally have an XP Professional installed in it! I had the IT guys work on it since I’m really not that technically resourceful in looking for drivers and hotfixes to solve the problem. Plus I don’t have that much time or patience to really go through with the process of installing by downgrading … Read more

i surrendered my laptop

temporarily anyway.  There was a problem with the LCD at the bottom portion as lines were flickering which needed to get fixed. It’s still under warranty so it shouldn’t be that much of  a problem. But having to surrender my HP laptop for a couple of weeks (hopefully it’ll just be one) is a bit … Read more

I had to call them NGenius people about that HP store in SM Cebu

Because I couldn’t contain myself, I had to call an HP center, well I guess I called NGenius instead, since they’re affiliated. Questions became arguments and arguments became debates. In the end, all I wanted was respect and caution. I was able to vent the frustration out to someone. Though I feel bad for the … Read more

hp540: my new bebe

Late post… Here’s the delivery I was talking about in one of my previous posts. Come baby come. My brother took home the desktop and since I needed the pc to continue earning some income online as I can’t seem to live without the internet, we figured we’d buy a laptop instead.So now I’m a … Read more