Internet at The Brown Cup

It’s 9:30 pm and I’m at The Brown Cup at the back of St. Theresa’s College doing some more work to accomplish for the day. My brother commended this place which is a nice location to chill as there aren’t that many people compared to Starbucks. I like the chairs better as my back is supported well since I have the tendency to slouch whenever I type and work on my notebook.

Somehow, coffee still eludes my senses and drinking it seems to be too much of a budget just to keep me awake. I’d rather opt for a smoothie to keep the coldness alive.

Two girls and a foreigner in front are distracting me due to the conversation they are having about Cebu and life. I guess the latter wanted a quick bang and one girl with her friend was just too accommodating hospitable to refuse an offer. I can hear faint voices and attempts of the old guy to connect to the younger generation.

“It’s difficult if you tag your friend along. You know, two’s a couple and three’s a crowd. If you’re not comfortable going out with me alone, your friend can bring another person so that she can have somebody to talk to while we can talk as well. You know in my country…”

There goes the “In my country” spiels. At least all of them are legal. C’mmon bitch woman, leave your friend but have a can of pepper spray always available.

Just so I can mind my own business, I pump up the volume and drown myself with my 90’s alternative playlist using earphones bought from CD-R King. Cheap ones have their use after all.


I have a lot of things going on that the wish I had before has finally come true. I wanted to be busy and have a number of extra activities to help me develop other aspects in life. Now, I am getting more and more serious with sidelines and the fire is burning hard to keep me on track.

My mind is clearer now knowing that there are more opportunities that are open for me. Maybe it just took some time for me to realize this.  Now, I feel caught up with the list of activities that are lined up that sometimes the thought that I could handle each one is overwhelming me to the point of getting burned out; but I welcome it with arms wide open.

I feel more valuable and my sense of worth seems to have upgraded which is something good since like any other human being, you tend to doubt your capacity in a particular period in your life.

I’m still not sure if this is the path that I want to pursue eventually but it has paved some ways for me to walk on. The Internet is what’s keeping me busy. I’m glad that it has made me see possibilities I never imagined. I am willing to share it with others; that is if I have time to do so. Time, sigh. It’s another topic to talk about. For now, I need to get back to work.


Cheesecakes seem to help me concentrate better.

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