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I had a bit of a problem this week with Jollibee. I was pissed off that I had to vent my frustrations out and contact any person in-charge of the treatment I got. Somehow these days, my boiling point seems to reach at a certain high. Anyway, just for the sake of posting it, here’s the email that I sent using the feedback form of their website.



This incident happened last Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at Jollibee – IT Park, Cebu.

I ordered a chicken meal around 2am and dined in. Once I was done, I wanted to have another round because I was still hungry. When I went back to line up, I saw that there were only two counters and every line had at least 4 customers waiting.

Since it was queuing, the manager opened up another line to serve more customers. Because I knew what was going on, I immediately broke off my line and went directly to where the manager was serving. I was supposed to be his first customer when he asked me which line I came from. I told him that I came from the other line at the back. He just stared at me and then ignored my presence and went directly to asking the customer on the other line who was waiting first and took their orders.

I immediately walked out of the area went to to another fast food chain and ordered some more meals.

I didn’t like the way I was treated. I may understand his point that there were other customers who were ahead of me but I just wish that he had explained it properly on why he had to serve the other customers. The only problem is that he didn’t even address his point to me. He proceeded to assisting the other customers who had no clue that he was setting up a new queue.

I was aware of his main concern that it’s a first come first serve basis. It’s just that I was still hungry and I think most of us are aware that if we are hungry, we tend to be sensitive. During that time, I lost my appetite because I was treated poorly.

The only information I got out of the person was that he goes by the name “Sir XXXX” and that he was a borrowed manager from another branch.

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  1. Chill. I had a similar incident in the same branch. My order took 20 minutes before it arrived when the cashier told it’s going to take only about 5 minutes to get served. I talked to their manager and guess what? they gave us some fries. lols.


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