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I didn’t expect Jollibee’s reply to be so soon. It didn’t take 24 hours for them to respond to my complaint located in the previous entry. Here’s there message.

Dear Ed,

Thank you for the feedback. We are saddened by the unfortunate you had at Jollibee Asia Town. Please accept our apologies for whatever inconveniences that incident may have caused you.

At Jollibee, we are committed to providing you with quick, accurate and friendly service to ensure that we provide you 100% customer satisfaction. It appears though that for this particular occasion, we have let you down. I regret for that untoward incident.

I have forwarded your feedback to the concerned parties. Rest assured that corrective actions will be taken so as to avoid similar incident from happening again.

We do appreciate your effort of bringing this to our attention. You have given us the opportunity to improve our services.

Sincerely yours,
Customer Care


Aside from this, the manager also called me that afternoon and wanted to talk to me to clarify the story. I went to that Asiatown branch and talked to their manager and found out that the person who treated me poorly was from another branch. He was informed of the mishap that occurred and his side was that he was to choose between two customers on which he should serve first. Probably because he saw me as a lesser threat, he catered the other customer.

In any case, the point I wanted to stress out was that he shouldn’t have just ignored me. He should’ve explained the situation properly on why he had to assist the other customer first rather than leave me hanging in the air. Anyway, I was already pacified at that time when they were able to listen to my story.

I know Jollibee’s customer service is really a big deal. I used to work for them before. I was once a crew and any feedback that a customer would provide would not be taken lightly. That’s probably why Jollibee’s such a success. They take care of their customers.

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