Killing Time in SM Mall of Asia

12 hours. It’s how long we waited in Mall of Asia in order to kill time before our trip to Sagada. We arrived from a Cebu to Manila flight and we decided to burn the hours online and stroll around this shopping and recreation center. We also bought some grocery items in order to spend less as they say that food is a bit pricey and we’ve been squeezing our resources because we’re really tight on our budget. Lunch and dinner are actually composed of those Jollibee 39er meals which keeps me full after an extra serving of rice.

bos coffee mall of asia
abusing the free WiFi in SM.

My eyes are weary since I haven’t slept for almost a day because I immediately travelled to this side of the country right after my shift at work. I’m still fighting sleep so I can take a good rest inside the bus later. It’s going to be a 12-hour trip so I need to keep myself awake so I can just doze off there.

I’m with fellow travel bloggers who want to take a break and experience another adventure aside from the usual beach escapade. I’m excited too, for the new places I’ll be able to conquer.

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13 thoughts on “Killing Time in SM Mall of Asia”

  1. Wow 12 hours in MOA? Wa nalang nimo gitulog ang imong 12 hours? Maka rest pa unta ka. Hehe:) Enjoy Sagada! Can't wait for your entry bout this trip!

  2. @chyng: ganun ba chyng? next time! 😀

    @dani: haha. no choice kami kasi maraming bitbit. hehe

    @pinoy boy: haha. onga jerik. will post them soon. hope to meet more PTB members soon!

    @robbie: thanks! haha. we brought canned goods para makatipid 😀

    @kai: haha. wala na so that we could rest inside the bus which is 9 hours ang travel! 😀

    @miranda: haha, indeed! especially when you don't have enough money to burn. and you're stuck. 

    • @Smarla: Sagada was rockin! It’s a different kind of adventure from my usual beach escapades! Can’t wait to post my articles about that trip! 😀


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