Cambodia Trip: Chill Out and Relax at Pub Street in Siem Reap

If you want to chill and hang out like any other tourist in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the Pub Street is for you. This is where the night life happens when traffic is blocked so restaurants and bars can occupy a better portion of the street with tables and chairs.

On our 2nd day in Siem Reap, we quickly finished touring the temples and asked our tuk tuk driver to drop us off at the Old Market. We’ve had enough temples to visit for the day and we wanted to scan through the number of stalls selling different merchandise in the original marketplace. I still had some pending requests for items to buy and I was about to panic since we only had limited time left. Didn’t find much to explore there as most of the items were also in the night market.

We also wanted to explore the pub street when it’s not too crowded with people.

pub street day
pub street during day time

alley pub street

The place has a number of nooks and corners and each of these are filled with shops that scream ART in every direction. There’s also a rich display of colors and designs which create a quaint but cozy look.

art pub street
saw this shop first in Marcus of and his site

pub street art

Pub Street is located a block away from the Old Market. It’s not a hard spot to locate as most of the tourists go here at night to get some booze-fix. Restaurants offer a lot of choices of Khmer and international cuisine. Happy hour starts at 5pm and the night becomes bright with lights and different types of music gets played on both sides.

siem reap pub street
Pub street at night

resto pub street
tables waiting to be filled

After a long day of walking at the temples, you’d definitely want to grab a bite to eat and couple it with a cold drink while talking to fellow travelers you’ve just met there. Everybody seems friendly and everybody just wants to have a good time.

resto siem reap
football on a big screen

angkor wat bar
talking and talking

Unfortunately for us, because we I took a lot of time buying souvenirs at the Angkor Night Market, we weren’t able to fully check out the Pub Street. Shops and restos have already closed and there were only a few watering holes left open.

siem reap night life
people left

siem reap bar
closing shops

We ended up spending the rest of the time with our feet in a fish tank. But that will be for another blog entry.

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13 thoughts on “Cambodia Trip: Chill Out and Relax at Pub Street in Siem Reap”

  1. loser me, didnt get inside pub street, outside lang. πŸ™ ddnt know kase, ayan ang napapala ng d nagre-research bago umalis. kaya pala hanap ako ng hanap ng artsy street sa Siem Reap, there should be one, meron nga, yun lng pala sa harap ko d ko pa pinasok. tsk tsk. oh well, lesson learned, magbasa bago umalis. Nagbasa nga ako pero after ng trip na, at ke Marcos ko pa nabasa. toinks! but it's ok, kaya cguro d ko napuntahan yan kase baka uminom lang ako jan mag-isa at d pa ko makauwi ng hostel ko. haha

  2. @lakwatsera de primera: saya nga nito. kasi there's so much to explore as well!

    @will: very breezy ng tuk tuk!

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: ok lang yan gael, may babalikan tayo pagpunta mo uli! πŸ˜€ buti na lang din kasi nabasa ko yung write-up ni marcos kaya nung nakita namin tong cafe with the couch, masaya ako kasi kahit papano, naging tourist spot na rin. hehe. wag ka nang uminom gael, kelangan may kasama ka pag uminom! haha πŸ˜€

    @pinaytraveljunkie: yeah, very colorful din! see you sa Baguio! πŸ˜€

    @monette: daming OMG nyan ah! never got to drink Angkor beer. sayang talaga last time. maybe on my next visit πŸ˜€

  3. never visited the pub street at night (morning lang nung dumaan ako). but i think it’s really a nice place to bond and sharing with other backpackers. ayos!

    what i did at night? i slept and took meds from time to time. taas-taas ng lagnat ko nung nasa cambodia leg ng trip ko.. hahahah! kawawa!

  4. angkor beer!!!! mas mura anchor beer. di ko pa rin alam ang difference bukod sa price! kakamiss!!! pero nakakalungkot kasi there are a lot foreigners na trashy – and they trash the place, nag-smokes pa sila sa kalsada akala mo kung sino.

  5. @pinoy boy: haha. wasn't able to taste Angkor beer though. Chang pa lang. onga, i don't like it when foreigners feel so important in other countries. in our case, kakainis din kasi pinapatulan natin.


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