Late-night Talks

Went out with colleagues after our shift to release the tension after having a job interview as well as to catch up on things. I had to divert my mind off to what had happened rather than keep them inside.

We stayed up late in a 24-hour McDonalds branch. We ate, and in the process, we talked. Work, commitments, change, career, love, life; I miss talking late at night. The call for expressing one’s thoughts and share them to people who, more or less feel the same way, is soothing.

I also liked the music that was playing in the background. It added drama to the supposedly serious topics we’ve discussed aside from feeling sorry for ourselves. We were too weary to just think of the present that we resulted to making balls out of tissue paper and throwing them at the empty sundae cups, hoping to shoot and score.

We should definitely have these conversations again. The best time to talk I assume would be in the wee hours, when everything is calm and the weather is cold. Words would just flow freely from the mundane to the profound. It doesn't matter if the topic would be as shallow as gossip, or as deep as purpose. When you converse with people who also listen, it helps a lot; especially when you couple it with booze (which we didn't do). The important matter is to be able to vent rather than cramp them up in one space.

When I got home, I arrived at around 2:30am; despite having work the next few hours. A good thing is I was too tired to think of anything so I just dozed off to sleep.

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