Dinner at Madeleine Cafe with Chef Sebastian Torres

We went to Madeleine Cafe and Boulangerie as it was the week where their guest chef, Chef Sebastian Torres, visited Dubai to showcase his special French dishes. This was our second time in this Dubai mall restaurant, the first time was when we had the Lazy Breakfast All-Day that they offered every weekend.

They reserved a seat for us outside but since we wanted to take better photos of the food, we opted to dine inside. The restaurant is even livelier at night.

madeleine restaurant
a night in this beautiful restaurant!

madeleine cafe boulangerie
Madeleine Café interior

French Cuisine Prepared by Chef Sebastian Torres at Madeleine Café & Boulangerie – Dubai Mall

We arrived in the evening and were glad that there was ample space available. Most of the people were outside as it was the time when the Dubai fountain display from the Burj Khalifa lake was showing. Madeleine cafe is known for having the biggest terrace area in The Dubai Mall.

This is a great venue when you want to get a good view of the fountain show that happens every 30 minutes in the evening. Instead of rubbing elbows with plenty of tourists down below, you can just dine at the terrace and have a clear view of the event from Madeleine’s terrace.

madeleine terrace dubai
terrace view

burj khalifa lake fountain show
waterfountain show in Dubai

After enjoying the fountain show, they called us as the food was ready. We were famished since we hadn’t had anything to eat before arriving. What better way to enjoy the night than to dine with interesting food prepared by THE chef himself!


We started with Oeuf Poché ausc Lentilles du Puy and Escarot. The escargot sounded very French because I hear it a lot in movies. hehe. This was my first time eat snail (Escargot) and was curious how it tasted like. It didn’t disappoint. 😉

madeleine french food
Oeuf Poché ausc Lentilles du Puy – 65 AED
Poached egg, green lentil of Puy carrot, mushrooms, bacon, veal stock and lell pepper


escargot madeleine
Snails served with toasted baguette – 65 AED

Main Course

For the main course, we had a pie filled with lamb shoulder and vegetables called Hachis Parmentier d’ Agneau and Confit de Canard (duck) which was very tender.

madeleine cafe dubai mall
Hachis Parmentier d’ Agneau (pie)
Lamb shoulder, carrot, celery strips, banana, shallot, chopped parsley with green salad with salt & pepper


madeleine dubai confit duck
Confit de Canard – 90 AED
Confit duck, French beans, La Ratte potaoes and orange sauce


I was already full but still had room for dessert – I’m such a sucker for sweet treats! They gave us mint choco ice cream and crème brulee. Of the two, I preferred the crème brulee as it reminded me of the time when I tried preparing one when I worked in a five-star resort during my Southeast Asia backpacking days.

I remember burning the sugar when trying to caramelize it with a kitchen torch. hehe. But the cream was really delicious and complimented the texture of the hardened sugar.

madeleine desserts
After Eight – 40 AED
Mint chocolate ice cream dessert
Creme Brulee – 30 AED
A rich custard dessert topped with crisp caramel

Chef Sebastian incorporated their standard a la carte menu with new “test” dishes. This is a good way to keep things fresh and it’s something that regular patrons can look forward to from time to time.

Be sure to catch Chef Sebastian when he’s around as he and the rest of the staff will make sure you enjoy your stay while dining in this beautiful restaurant.

madeleine cafe uae
Madeleine with Chef Sebastian Torres!

We were so full that we requested to relax a bit and enjoy the view outside. The fountain show was still ongoing and seeing the musical water display was a great way to end the night of delicious French cuisine.

dubai fountain show terrace
Dubai Fountain – Tourist Attraction

Contact Information

Madeleine Café & Boulangerie
Address: Ground Level, Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall, Dubai, U.A.E.
Telephone Number: +971 4 438 4335
Email: infomadeleinecafe@emaar.ae
Website: www.madeleinecafe.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/madeleinecafe

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