Maybe I’ve been brainwashed too

It’s frustrating when people misconstrue curiosity to insensitivity. A person like me has been labeled a number of things but never have I been called irate nor insensitive. It’s upsetting to realize that after all those smiles, none of them are real.

Here I am trying to cool the blood off . A guy like me has more important matters to be stressful about but I am pressed with issues that are too trivial.

I may be just overthinking but analyze this for one second. I don’t even want to mess with YOU people for the lone reason that you can easily dig up any record which you can substantially use as a capital to find numerous grounds for me to get sacked.

My only problem is that I’m not able to defend myself when I’m in the boiler room. It was unfair for me that you didn’t bother hearing my side of the story. Before you go on basing every consequence due to my lapses, give me my fair share of the bargain. I’m supposed to be the victim but it seems like I’m being charged guilty just because you know how to manipulate words.

This talk isn’t about who has the better pay, it’s about who’s doing their job. Tell me I’m incompetent and I’ll call you a fool. But if you’re a fool, I’m probably a dunce for being too naive.

Enough of the brainwashing. Put on RHCP on the player, I need a fix of Dosed.

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5 thoughts on “Maybe I’ve been brainwashed too”

  1. some people are just too full of themselves that they forget to take a closer look in the mirror and realize they are actually at fault. if i were in your shoes eds I’d surely speak my mind. maybe it’s not too late. try sending an email to this person if you want.

    • hahay, thanks pra. i guess that’s my problem, i’m too much of a coward; but i’m learning. i’ll just let it go pra. thanks again. 🙂

  2. stay cool ed…you shouldn’t be dwelling too much on those scumbags
    As you have mentioned, there are a lot more pressing issues to deal with rather than focus on those a#%holes.
    chill out, will yah? 😀


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