mulitply or facebook?

Had a small conversation with a Team Lead from my former account inside the elevator going up.

Joe:  Where have you been? You’re burned to a crisp.
Me: I went to the beach over the weekend.
Joe: That figures. So you now have a lot of photos?
Me: Yeah, but I don’t upload them in Multiply anymore.
Joe: Who does?

Ah yes, the battle of Multiply and Facebook. With the upgrade of the former a couple of months back, I found the navigation too UN-user-friendly which made me result to just keeping new batches of pictures all too myself. What I didn’t like was the update page which had a new interface. At first I could bear with the idea of the new environment but with the community at work that is getting more and more in tune with Facebook as a social networking site, it made me join the hoopla and become less involved with checking who uploaded what album. Not that I’m active in FB, I don’t even put as much pictures or check it as often as I can since I still have my blogs to update. 

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1 thought on “mulitply or facebook?”

  1. Hi Dear,

    wow I finally found time to browse today after having such a busy work schedule. I can’t wait to read what I have missed here 🙂 Hope things are well and that it keeps on getting better 🙂


    as for the FB and Multiply I totally agree with you on the fact that Multiply for me has become rather hard to use, not to mention a bit slow to load. plus marketing on FB is a lot more effective now than on Multiply 🙂


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