My Adventure Partner: An Ode to My Feet

My feet, I’ve big ones and I’m insecure when people stare at them. But through the years and over the course of my adventures, not once have they complained.

I’m thankful for my feet. Every time I feel that my legs can’t handle another step, I think about people who cannot walk–literally and figuratively. I’m reminded of people who don’t have the privilege to wander because of not having this basic ability.

 soloflighted feet

No number of gears and gadgets in the world can replace our feet. Seldom do people realize that it only takes one step and they’ve already traveled. A couple more and that’s already an adventure. I vow not to wait for the day to lose them (heaven forbid) until their value is appreciated.

My adventurous feet, liloan cebu
veins protrude from your flesh.
Every cut and bruise and corn and callus, is every story worth sharing.

My humungous feet,
disproportionate as you are,
I see beyond flaws as you’ve been a loyal companion.

My beloved feet,
you carry all my weight yet you never protest.
Darkness is no longer sought as pride overwhelms shame.

My traveling feet,
look how far we’ve come.
So long as I have you, I’ll keep walking.

As I climb another stair, hop on another ride, trudge another trail, swim another ocean, jump off another cliff, or ultimately walk another mile; I know you’ll stay with me in every distance.


My feet, I dedicate this post to you. It’s about time I recognize your worth.

This is an entry to Wanderlass Adventure Partner Contest themed ‘My Adventure Partner’ by and R.O.X. Philippines.

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24 thoughts on “My Adventure Partner: An Ode to My Feet”

  1. It is true that we take our feet for granted. I was not wearing good shoes yesterday and I am paying for it this morning by hobbling everywhere. I swear never to treat my feet to that again.

  2. @robbie: haha, di na lang ako magsasalita. haha. pwede rin! 🙂

    @photoblogger: I'm sure that's a story worth retelling, EJ! thanks!

    @olan: haha, you know what they say about men with big feet, they take bigger steps — more adventures to travel!

    @bonzenti: we sometimes forget the basic things. let's utilize what we have. thanks!

    @micamyx: haha, didn't notice it but I've so many photos of my feet in different places! haha. this was supposed to be a longer entry, ang hirap pag 250 words lang. or do i just talk this much? haha

    @natalie: poor feet, when I cut my feet during one of my trips, I wasn't able to walk properly for days! Jogging was out of the question too so I just had to shift back and forth between the office and home. Talk about staying pu!

    @dong ho: thanks dong! when we were in Sagada, I suddenly recalled one of your photos where the guide was holding the lamp. galing nun! yeah, we have to remove our shoes cause how slippery our footwear were. salamat uli!

  3. great entry Ed! feeling ko mananalo ka nyan. calling Lil. maawa ka sa paa ni Ed. 🙂
    it's true our feet is our greatest travel buddies. lalo na sateng mahilig mag-paa. Dugyot din kaya ako. haha Love that pic sa Moalboal. Ang tao daw na may malaking paa, ay may malaking…. !  :p  uhmm…sapatos!  haha

  4. @lakwatsera de primera: thanks claire! kahit di manalo ok pa rin! If I don't, I'll edit this one and add some more paragraphs. kulang na kulang yung 250 words talaga! 😀

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: haha, sana nga gael. but there are also great entries, talbog ako sa creativity ng photos nila. hehe. the person who has big feet also take bigger steps when walking! 😀

    @chyng: lol, sinong maysabi? konte lang sa PTB ang alam kong nagjoin. hehe. actually, been planning to write about 'walking' in general and how people complain too much about being tired from walking. kaso, natiyempohan lang na may pacontest si lilliane. hehe 😀

  5. If your feet can only read and talk, I'm sure they'd say "Awwwwwwwe" after reading this post. 🙂  Pero syempre, parang weird naman if they have a life of their own kay msturya man jud sila. HAHA:)) Ako na ang natouch para sa imong feet!

  6. Oh, good luck for the contest. I hope you win Kuya Ed!

    After reading this post, I appreciated my feet more. What you've written above are all true. My salutations!

  7. @kai: haha, really strange if they suddenly talk out of nowhere. You know, even if this wasn't a contest, I'm really thankful for them. There are times when people complain too much whenever we go out that it's tiring to walk and would rather pay a cab or head home already. But I keep the mentality that they're there for to be put to use. It keeps me going and inspires me to take the next step further. thanks! 😀

    @pinoy adventurista: haha, will do that one of these days! thanks mervin!

    @jeffz: nice. haha. if these feet could talk, right?

    @poot: thanks poot!

    @pusang-kalye: indeed it does, kulang pa tong post na to para mapakita ko na mahal ko ang mga paa ko. haha, sadista talaga! haha, you've witnessed how much i abused them in Anawangin kahit pagod na, akyat pa rin!

  8. @rizalenio: thanks! indeed we should take care of our feet!

    @christian: thanks. just thought about it when I wrote this entry! 😀

    @pinoy boy journals: exactly man! Every time I see a person with no feet but still keep on walking or not letting it hinder them in life, I am truly inspired! Sometimes we just forget because we see too much of the negative aspect of things. Thanks jerik!


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