Travel Gear: How Headware Keeps My Head Happy

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I love the product so much that I’m recommending it to everyone. I usually bring a cap or hat whenever I go out of town. Aside from protecting my head from the elements of nature, it also keeps my hair from getting messed up. Call me a little … Read more

My Adventure Partner: An Ode to My Feet

My feet, I’ve big ones and I’m insecure when people stare at them. But through the years and over the course of my adventures, not once have they complained.

I’m thankful for my feet. Every time I feel that my legs can’t handle another step, I think about people who cannot walk–literally and figuratively. I’m reminded of people who don’t have the privilege to wander because of not having this basic ability.

 soloflighted feet

No number of gears and gadgets in the world can replace our feet. Seldom do people realize that it only takes one step and they’ve already traveled. A couple more and that’s already an adventure. I vow not to wait for the day to lose them (heaven forbid) until their value is appreciated.

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Won a Mountain Hardwear Scrambler Backpack from R.O.X. Philippines

I claimed a backpack that I won from a contest that was organized by R.O.X. Philippines. The Backpack for Bloggers was a contest on Facebook wherein participants were tasked to write about their most memorable Outdoor adventure for 2010. In my case, I shared my bungy jumping experience at the Macau tower which is hands down the best moment as I conquered my fear of heights and I achieved one of my goals that I planned for over a year. Heck, I still can’t stop talking about it as it’s always something I’m proud of doing.

I received the news that I won the bag some time in January but it took me awhile to get it since I’m from Cebu and they needed to ship it to the R.O.X. branch in Ayala Center. Recently, I just had a trip in Zambales and decided to drop by Manila before heading back home. Just shows how anxious I am to get the prize.

mountain hardwear scrambler
Mountain Hardwear Scrambler

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