Living for a Year in Dubai, UAE

Hi everyone! I haven’t been able to update this site as often as at all as I’ve been busy living a life in the desert. I’ve been based in Dubai since last year and have been adjusting to the new environment ever since. Might I say it wasn’t that hard nor was it easy, but I made it. I’ve been here for a year!

OFW Lifesoloflighted airport

Aside from the environment, I’ve also been adjusting to my new life as an Overseas Filipino Worker. It’s different from the set-up I had before where I was travelling in Southeast Asia and working freelance jobs online in hostels and coffee shops. I also tried to sustain my travel expenses while not forgetting about my responsibilities at home.

The set-up now is that I work inside a retail outlet and mostly have monotonous days in the shop. I’ve swapped my daily travel adventures to weekend vacations in the city and do my online commitments during my free time. It was not a quick transition, but this was a personal decision I planned even when I was still in my early backpacking stages.

Blog Absence

I apologize if I haven’t been able to update this site in awhile. I’m not sure if I still want to write about my travels when so many things have already happened. Maybe I will or maybe I’ll talk about something else.

The absence was not all bad as I learned to prioritize myself and my goals. Travelling is still a passion, it’s just not the main agenda right now. I’m more bent on pursuing my online projects and I’ve been more driven now despite having a full-time job.

Blogging is here to staysoloflighted blogger

As for blogging altogether, it’s more of an on-and-off thing. Whenever I have instances where I switch OFF, I just recall the first time I started typing my thoughts back in 2003.

From when I was a mere freshman in college to working in a fast food restaurant. From answering phones and doing Quality control in a BPO company, to juggling my studies and even working online with a full-time job. From the time I learned how to make money online as a freelancer to establishing websites of my own. From breaking free from the corporate office to backpacking Southeast Asia for 9 months and living a digital nomad’s life. From travelling solo to ultimately following somebody to an unfamiliar destination and rebuilding a career in a desert.

All these experiences are shared online though some have not been totally obvious. All these stages I’ve gone past and somehow, blogging is still here. Though I’m not as invested as before in this site, I know that I’ll always find my roots into posting a few thoughts online. Blogging for me is here to stay, regardless of how many blank moments there are in between.

Dubai as a second home

I’m planting my roots in the United Arab Emirates. It took some time, but I’m beginning to call Dubai a second home. The place is growing on me especially after hearing the news of the Dubai Expo2020 event in the future. Great things will happen and amazing things will have happened when that 2020 arrives. 7 years may be a bit long, but time flies anyway.

What’s Next for soloflightEd?

I have no idea. I still have plenty of backlogs from trips in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and even here in the Middle East. I’m still going to write about my past travels, and maybe incorporate a few thoughts on life – my life – in general. Until then, let’s make the most of living. Happy New Year!

soloflighted dubai
Although less, I still do headstands

To my readers

Thank you to my readers who still take time to read my blog posts; and to some, send an email about how my articles have helped them in their travels. I may not have replied to some, but I read your messages.

It is always a great feeling to receive emails about how people have found inspiration in this site to pursue what they truly want, whether it be travelling or something else.

PS: I’m now on Instagram – @soloflightEd. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Living for a Year in Dubai, UAE”

  1. Woot congrats Edcel! Time flies really fast. Akalain mong 1 year ka na sa Dubai pero parang kahapon lang pina-plano mo pa yan hehe 😀

    Just like you, i still love travelling and blogging pero iba na rin ang priorities ko. Maybe I’ll blog about it soon. Dami pang backlog from 2011 to present lol Happy New Year Ed! 😀

    • Di ba halata na one year? hehe. Thanks Nina! Had two ways to deal with the decision so I preferred to go for the positive one. Big adjustment talaga in the beginning but I’m settling na. 🙂

  2. I was able to relate to most of what you wrote there, Ed. As for me, I’m near to reaching my 2 years here in Saudi Arabia.

    I want you to know I am one of the many people who draw inspiration from you write. Just a silent fan though so to speak–most of the time.

    Happy New Year and may you be able to drop some thoughts here when you have time.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Sir! I know I haven’t blog-hopped as often as before, but thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Happy new year! Hoping to blog some more thoughts! 🙂

  3. Happy New Year, Ed! My sister-in-law started working there last September. It’s work work work according to her. Malaking sacrifice para sa pamilya nya katulad ng iba pang mga kababayan natin na nagwowork overseas. Mabuhay ang mga OFW!

    • Yes, work, work work dito! Totally different from my previous backpacking lifestyle. Now I follow a routine and report to somebody and work issues are what I’m encountering. Still have those dreams of pursuing other goals while I’m here. I dunno, somehow, I feel more determined to escape because I have something to escape to than when I was actually escaping. Not sure if it made sense. haha

  4. Life is all about the choices we make (but you know that already bai). Happy New Year Ed and keep that online presence no matter what. You are great in multi-tasking and I know you will still find time to share your adventures to us 🙂 Good Luck!

    • haha. when I found out na di ka pala nakapag-one year dito, nagulat ako sa umpisa. very mahirap di ba? kakamiss ang freedom sa Pinas. hehe. sge daan kayo dito para another PTB meet-up na naman. 🙂

  5. Mag-aasawa ka na no? Parang ang sudden ng shifting ng goals. 🙂 Pero no matter what, you’re still an idol, an inspiration. I will always be your follower and I am so glad to have met you during the prime of your traveling career. Saka siyempre, tuturuan ka pa namin ng more-more Tagalog. Ingat, Ed! 😀

    • haha, salamat Kaiz. Matagal na tong mga goals ko talaga, di lang halata before. 🙂 Thanks as well for the support! More tagalog lessons! hehehe. Thanks Kaiz! Ingat kayo ni Rowjie! 🙂


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