Riding Trains

I haven’t been able to update this site in quite awhile. Been busy with a lot of things at work and my outside work. But I’m excited for the new year when I will jumpstart another adventure that I’m preparing myself for.

I already have a couple of tickets booked and I’ve been saving to help me get through a big decision that I’ll be announcing soon. I’m excited but I’ll wait till I can finally jump off that bridge. Because by that time, I’ll be able to savor every moment of travelling. One of the things I’m looking forward to are long train rides.

siem reap train


Sites like seat61.com are very helpful for those who rely on the internet to get the necessary information on train journeys. I know I’ll be able use it more often when travelling overland especially in Southeast Asia.

I’d like to ride a rail transport just so I can feel grounded while on the way to different destinations. It has lesser hassles especially for older people to safely travel using this mode of transportation. I remember hopping on a 6-hour train ride from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet on our way to Siem Reap and it felt nice to witness the view outside our window.

aranyaprathet train

The past few travels, I’ve learned to take time and enjoy the moment of waiting as it gives me more time to reflect. I realize a few thoughts while looking at a scenery that things I complain about don’t really matter and the things that I have, I cherish more.

I’m wondering how many trains I’ll ride in this lifetime, but I’m happy that I’ve done so at least once.

train bangkok

I’m excited and I hope to meet souls along the way that will give me a better perspective in life. They might even change me in the process.

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13 thoughts on “Riding Trains”

  1. I, too, am thinking about the same things (contemplating or emo-phase, etc. Haha) while having a long journey like this one, but to a smaller scale and scope, like bus rides. Maybe someday i could ride this one too, and have a backpacking adventure in Indochina. Have a great trip ahead, ed!

  2. @ian: thanks ian! I'll start within the country first. you'll be able to experience riding trains in due time.  πŸ˜€

    @byron: thanks byron! haha. nakaka emo talaga when you stare at a beautiful scenery and you have nothing to kill but time. even in buses – but then i usually get nauseous compared to trains where they have only one direction. hehe thanks!

    @mervz: thanks mervz, ayan nakapagupdate na! hehe

    @supertikoy: thanks jerome, hope to meet you on the road!

    @killerfillers: more travels indeed, that's a bet! πŸ˜€

  3. Long train rides especially pag dapit hapon na ang pinakatrip ko. Ang ganda pagmasdan ng sun slowly melting into the darkness. Nakakaiyak haha! Goodluck on your grand adventure bud! πŸ™‚

  4. I love riding on trains and I take them whenever I get the chance.  It's harder for me to do it though since I live in the US and there really isn't much of a train system here.  So I usually have to wait until I'm traveling.  Even then it can be hard.  My last couple of countries didn't have good train systems either.

  5. my very first long train rides so exciting and it took a straight 36 long hours from california and we had a short shower/breakfast stop at Texas before reaching oklahoma, that time is so windy in tulsa, OK

  6. @drew: thanks drew! see you on the road next year! πŸ˜€

    @steve: a good train system is surely important especially when you're in a hurry. I'd like to go and try those 30-hour train rides one of these days.

    @chris: ewan, that's an option pag mahal ang eroplano. thanks chris! hope to meet you on the road!

    @guiller escarpe: wow 36 hours! that's truly something.

    @lakwatsera de primera: kayang-kaya mo yan claire, teka, google ko muna ang trans-siberian railway. lol

    @cedric: thanks ced! medyo malabo pa sya na ewan. parang come what may. ayokong mag-isip kasi! lol.


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