Seair and Microtel Boracay Bloggers Tour

September 11-13, 2010

Two days after my birthday, I had the privilege of joining a group of bloggers to spend three days and two nights in Boracay. I was chosen as one of the winners of Seair and Microtel’s Boracay Blogger’s Tour. I published an entry on why I deserved to be part of the eight people who should go to this ultimate destination and I was very lucky enough to be chosen by Seair and Microtel judges.

Here’s my write-up about it: I’ve been to Different Places, but I’ve Never Been to Boracay

Seair and Microtel Bloggers Tour winners (Mica, Brenna, Gervic, Gael, Gracee, Van, Darwin) with the Seair and Microtel heads (thanks to mica for the pic)

sand blogger
soloflightEd finally lands in Boracay!

I also wondered if I could take part of the event since I’m from Cebu and the rest of the winners were from Manila. After a few emails, I was booked a ticket from Cebu to Caticlan. It’s great that Seair has more options now in offering a ride from the Queen City of the South to this island paradise.

boracay bloggers seair boracay bloggers
waiting for my plane at the Cebu Mactan Airport, offers flights from Cebu to Caticlan!

boracay bloggers microtel
with other passengers: boat from Caticlan to Boracay

I arrived in Caticlan on time and was amazed at how fast the plane took in reaching my destination. When I stepped inside the aircraft, I actually imagined the seats to be small but actually they weren’t. There was ample space for sitting and it didn’t feel cramped. It made me realize that I should never underestimate the capabilities of Seair’s aircrafts.

Kuya Marlon, one of the staffs of Microtel Hotels Resort, brought and guided me on my way to the hotel so I was really well-accommodated. I checked in my room and was happy that the beds were big. I grabbed a couple of hours of sleep in order to rest.

Microtel Inns Suites, pool

microtel boracay
big beds and a spacious bathroom. This is a no-frills Inn

Afterwards I realized that I shouldn’t be sleeping when I was already in Boracay. The sun was up and the weather was great that I had to go out and explore the different stations and their shops. Microtel offers free shuttle rides to DMall (shop-strip in Boracay) and hopped a ride going there.

boracay shop
D Mall shops, flipflops

boracay beach boracay sun
finally landed on Boracay sand

After an hour, I went back to the hotel and saw the other winners as well as the chairpersons of Seair and Microtel. They were still settling in.

We had our program at around 7pm wherein we were given an introduction about the history of Microtel and how it started in the Philippines. Seair also gave a concept on their aim to fly to different routes of the country. Instead of competing with other airlines, what Seair is focused on doing is bringing people to newer places. They’re actually prepping up for their trips to Batanes — another island destination in the Philippines that I’m excited about.

After the program, we had our dinner at Mama’s Fish House where we also exchanged stories and conversations. It’s nice to meet new people and it wasn’t hard to talk at all because of having the same interest for blogging.

dinner mama's fish house mama's fish house
Mama’s Fish House at Microtel Hotel – Diniwid Beach, Boracay

We called it a night after hanging out in D’ Mall after a couple of hours.

boracay sands lantern boracay
Boracay Sand

The next day, we had lunch at FishBar Boracay. I’ll be creating some separate entries about these restaurants. The food was great considering that I’d been bingeing on pork and chicken the past few days back in Cebu.

fishbar boracay fishing boracay
Fish Bar Restaurant in Boracay

fish and fries boracay food shrimp boracay platter boracay
fish and seafood. plates and platters.

We had the afternoon to ourselves and I was hoping for the rain to subside but it didn’t. Gael, Darwin and I opted to go reef walking wherein we wore some helmets and looked like astronauts under the sea. Also had to jump and dive in order to immerse myself in the waters of Boracay.

dive in boracay scuba boracay jony's shakes
reef walking, Jony’s fruit shakes

Reef Walking – 450 Php (But you can haggle the price from 400 Php and below)
Jony’s shakes range from 90 Php to 120 Php (must-try: avocado shake)

For dinner, we were brought to Zuzuni Boutique Hotel where we sampled a number of dishes offered by Aileen Cabrera. I loved the Mati Chocolate Sin because it reminds me of the usual warm brownie cup but had some more chocolate fudgy syrup inside (not good with descriptions). Just try it, it’s really good!

Visit for more information.

zuzuni mati chocolate sin
Zuzuni at Boracay, Mati Chocolate Sin

Met new friends in Boracay and indeed the night life is crazy with all the people wanting to party and have a good time. You just want to befriend anyone because of everybody savoring the moment to escape from the city life. I’ve been to a number of secluded beaches as well in the Philippines, so meeting some locales and travelers who want to take a break and enjoy each other’s company was a breather.

dancers boracay
firedancers at the Sandbar by Bamboo Lounge

night life in boracay party boracay
people partying at bamboo lounge, sandbar

On our last day, I still had a few hours to spare as my flight was scheduled at a later time. I said goodbye to the rest of the bloggers and the staff and spent the remaining hours on the beach lounging around.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity of being able to drop by this island paradise.

zuzuni bloggers

Thanks a lot Seair, Microtel, Mama’s Fish House, Fishbar, Zuzuni and to all those who made this event possible! It was my first time in Boracay and I’m definitely going back!

Check out the SEAIR Facebook Fan Page and the Microtel Philippines website for more information.

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  1. gosh! so I'm pressured! wala pa din ako post and i'll be somewhere again. tsk tsk.
    I realized dapat pala I agreed na P400 nlng, nahiya tuloy ako sau parang binalewala ko ang effort mu tumawad. hehe.  I'm really impressed with your haggling skills Eds! 🙂

    • @gael: haha. onga. buti pa si mica, may day 2 na sya. hehe. lol haggling skills ba? haha. sige na lang. nahiya din ako maghaggle eh. hehe

  2. COol ung Reef Walking..nahan lagi ko looking for Activities that we can do in Boracay..We'll be going there this june..
    Is there any place to stay that you can recommend?..hehehehehe..

    • reef walking is good but it bored me. 😀 you won’t run out of activities in Boracay, try the flying fish! We stayed at Microtel but usually it will depend on your budget so how much are you willing to spend for the accommodation?

  3. Flying Fish?..sure..sure..We'll try that..I just booked a RoundTrip flight for 170Php per person. And 12 are going. As for budget..Okay rah if makagasto kami daku because sOmetimes man lang kami ka Bakasyon..ehehehe..We'll be staying there for 3 Days.
    Microtel is CoOl..but how much would be their daily rates?..basin dollar rate man pud..would it be better if we will reserve it nah prior to the travel date para mka save kami?..☺

  4. Hi there, Thank you for the wonderful review you made on our restaurant Fishbar in Boracay.  I would like to use the fish and chips shot for our FB page, could be possible please?


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