After a 13-day Vacation…

I’m back to work. I want another vacation though, just to catch up on a lot of pending posts.

First, there was Bohol; then my first trip abroad in Hongkong-Macau. Lastly was the free trip to Boracay courtesy of Seair and Microtel Hotels Resort. I don’t even have enough time to update my sites one by one. I’m cramming myself up into making sure that I get to post at least one entry each but I don’t know where to start.

I should probably stay calm cause I might end up getting no productivity at all.

hongkong airportHongkong International Airport

Somehow, it seems that I’m just starting these trips and I have a lot more that are going to be available for me in the upcoming months. But I don’t want to jinx it. Will be talking more about my trips to these three places (two rural areas and one urban location).

For now, here are just a few pictures of the retreat from work.

bohol hanging bridge
Bohol Hanging Bridge

bohol forest
Bohol Man-Made Forest with friends and colleagues

hongkong mongkok  Busy street in Mongkok center in Hong Kong

mtr hongkongthe MTR station, a very convenient transportation system in Hongkong
“Please mind the gap.”

boracay beach
a free trip to Boracay! first time here!

boracay firedancer

firedancing at the Sand Bar by Bamboo lounge, Boracay

Will be creating some detailed entries on each one and hopefully I’ll be able to finish them before my next trip starts in October!

It was a well-plotted vacation and now, it’s back to the daily grind at the office.

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